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New Filters and Dampers

18th June 1954, Page 41
18th June 1954
Page 41
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Page 41, 18th June 1954 — New Filters and Dampers
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MOUR new engine and chassis auxiliaries are announced. One is in oil filter, another a petrol filter, the hird a vibration damper, and the fourth tool for applying and removing nuts. The removal of foreign matter from he lubricating oil and fuel has an mportant influence on engine life and reedom from roadside troubles. Of the any engine-oil cleaners, the Fram, thich is made by Simmonds AerocesJries, Ltd., Treforest, Pontypridd, ilam organ, is extremely popular.

This company now announces the itroduction of a new replacement cartdge known as the Filcron, which cornnes depth and surface filtration. It is instructed from cellulose fibre discs. id in addition to having a large dirt pacity, it is claimed to provide an oilmning efficiency down to 0.00004 in. The new cartridge is available for am Models F3, F4 and F30. The aributors are Stenor, Ltd., Richmond, rrey, Improvements in their fuel filter have m made by the Zenith Carburetter Co., Ltd., Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex. A new element has been introduced, and although the degree of filtration is now much higher than formerly, a full flow of fuel is maintained.

The new element has also been responsible for a reduction in the size and weight of the filter. The overall dimensions are 3i in. by l in., and so light is the accessory that it can be fitted direct to the petrol inlet to the carburetter.

It is known as the Zenith direct-attachment filter and is supplied complete with the necessary unions for fitting to practically all makes of carburetter. It can be introduced into the fuel system in about five minutes.

It has a glass bowl which is quickly removable

for cleaning and it sells complete for 21s.

New vibration dampers are now in full production by Howard Clayton-Wright. Ltd., Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. Two types are available, known respectively as the double conical and the single conical.

In both cases a light, steel pressing is used to enclose one or two rubber elements (according to type), constrained by conical inner members. They can be obtained as fixed or adjustable units, the advantage of the latter being that the mounting can be " tuned " when in position.

The load range is 250-1,500 lb. Load deflection characteristics are similar whether it be a fixed or adjustable type of mounting.

The Ingersoll-Rand lmpactool 534, is now being made at the Manchester works of the company. It is capable of applying or removing nuts up to 1/-in.-bolt size. It operates on compressed air. The air motor runs at a speed of 700 r.p.m., the number of impacts transmitted to the socket being 1,270 per min. Its weight is 271 lb.

Impacting begins when the resistance to turning reaches a pre-determined value and continues until the throttle is closed or the torque required to turn the nut falls below this point. The motor drives the ball and cam-type impact unit through a single heavyduty planetary-gear reduction. The tool is made by Ingersoll-Rand Co., Ltd., 165 Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4.


Locations: Manchester, London

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