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One Hears

18th June 1954, Page 29
18th June 1954
Page 29
Page 29, 18th June 1954 — One Hears
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• That a three-seat cab is now almost an essential • on medium and heavy vehicles.

That it is not a case of two's. company. three's none.

That depreciation as a financial factor generally outstrips deterioration in products of good quality.

That in vehicle maintenance "Weaver to Operator" is a more suitable slogan than "Weaver to Wearer."' Concerning Middle East market chances, that Continental competition threatens to make them even more "chancy."

That if all the bits and pieces of metal shed on mm roads were collected they would be a valuable

• ddition to our supply of scrap.

That unfortunately local authorities cannot, owing ) high wages and petrol tax, afford the cost of ollection.

A charlady's remark, " Wot with these 'ere teumatic drills and the busting of the sound barrer, ell all 'ave our ear drums busted soon."

That because public announcements are now made r a loadspeaker van, Sudbury Borough Council, ttfolk, have decided not to appoint a town crier.

That this might be described as a far cry from the ys of yore. That Britain seems to have the most reliable rainmakers in the world—the county agricultural shows.

Re lightweight meat containers, that human ones may become heavier when rationing ends next month.

Somebody wondering if the police would like goods delivered in London by flying saucer or just by sorcery.


Organisations: Sudbury Borough Council
Locations: London

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