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17th October 1922
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Page 3, 17th October 1922 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

That the photographers at the Salon were often treed.

That Colonel Cole is putting in splendid work as -president of the S.M.M. and T.

That piston pumps for fire-engines are not popular amongst our municipal authorities.

That in Dublin the minimum taxicab fare is 5s., even if the joUrney be one of a mile only.

That the price of Motor Cycling is now 2d., and that motorcyclists are wearing a satisfied smile.

That the owner of a provincial bus or two running in a district which is the reverse of populous is badly hit by the 270 tax.

That the owner of half a dozen lorries has not been considered by those who assert that the whole of the commercial motor industry is in favour of the retention of taxation based on -unladen -weight.

That the big mileage interests must 'now put up a case to the Departmental Committee and show sound cause why the little men doing less mileages should be mulcted in excessive taxes.

That the motor industry seldom acts unanimously in important matters, but that on the question of taxation it has acted as one man.

That even in the matter of securing relief 'under the Safeguarding of Industries Act, the trade is not pulling the whole of its weight.

That Mr. W. McNeil, of Sydney, is a trenchant critic of exported British chassis, and knows how the right thing can be provided.

That Guys were among the very few that paid attention to Mr. McNeil and gave heed to his suggestions.

That if Mr. McNeil says Australia is a good market, it is so.

That there were no examples of " beer in bulk" vehicles at the Salon, and that the country carrier's vehicle, as we understand it, was also absent.

That Mr. Blain's services as hon. secretary of the Institute of Transport have gained the admiration and excited the enthusiasm of the members. That most tyre prices are on the decline.

Of sectioned lorry bodies for light chassis.

Of a turnover of 4,000,000 miles per annum.

Of a question as to whether this would rank second to the L.G.O.C. mileage turnover.

Of the possibility of the jitney coming along in force.

That by lowering cab fares the flag will be lowered more often.

From "The Inspector "—that it is a wrong light that has no turning.

That police persecution can be fought if coach owners get together."

That storage batteries are still the most difficult items among the accessories of a vehicle to maintain economically.

That proper maintenance of roads cannot be carried out by some of the small urban councils with inadequate equipment.

That Bartons, of Beeston, have adopted a new system of direct lighting of lamps, and have attained considerable success.

From a country 'bus driver that ,processions of frogs crossing the roads on a recent wet night made him think he had been having a " wet" night too.

That the Editor 'of The Commercial Motor, at the instigation of the Council of the Institute of Transport, has been promoted from associate membership to full membership of the Institute.


People: Blain, W. McNeil, Cole
Locations: Dublin, Sydney

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