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The Scottish Tractor Trials.

17th October 1922
Page 15
Page 15, 17th October 1922 — The Scottish Tractor Trials.
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T"general arrangements for the tractor demonstrations to be held during this week in fields on the farm of Fordel, Dalkeith, Midlothian, are now practically complete. The farm has been kindly placed at the disposal of the Highland and Agricultural Society for the purpose of the demonstrations by the tenant, Mr. Thomas Harper.

It is not made quite clear as to what method will be adopted for testing the tractors and implements or whether these will be subjected to demonstration only. Judging, however, by previous demonstrations and tests of agricultural imple. ments conducted by this -aociety, one may expect that the trials or dem,onstral tione, whatever they are, will be carried out long the best lines with the object of Oving satisfaction, while at the same time treating the appliances fairly:

The points to which special attention will be directed are as follow :— (a) Weight of machine; (b) mechanical design and construction; • (c) quality of work done by implements; (d) time taken and attendance required ; (e) adaptability of ploughing different widths and depths ; (f) adaptability to various kinds of work, such as cultivating, harvesting. and the like ; (g) ease and safety of

handling; (h) ease of turning and space and time required for same and uniformity of furrow ends in ploughing ; (i) facility and efficiency of attachment of tractor to plough and other farm ima plements; (j) price.

The selling price of each machine current at the date of entry had to be declared on the entry form, so that the price of each is now included in the catalogue.

The rules and regulations prevent. any firm entering more than two tractors of the same type; therefore, some limit has been placed upon the number. The field, however, is a good one, and entries have been made by the Austin Motor Co., Ltd. (Austin); Ruston and Hornsby-, Ltd. (British Wallis); J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. (Case 10-18 and 12-20); Henderson Bros. ('Case 10-18); II. G. Burford and Co., Ltd. (Cletrac Junior 17, Cletrae 25); Henry Aleaander and Co. Ford son—two) ; Wallace (Glasgow), Ltd. (Glasgow—two); British Hart Parr Ca., (Hart Parr 20—two); and International Harvester Co. of Lest Britain, Ltd. (International Junior—two).

Tractors over cwt. : J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. (Case15-27) and British Hart Parr Co, rHart Parr 30). There are also two rotary tillers entered by B. H. Brown, viz., the Simar-6-8 and Simar 25. •

As tractor implements as well as tractors themselves are included in the demonstration, a long list is filled with ploughs, cultivators, etc. Altogether there are 29 ploughs, 13 cultivators, 2 grubbers, 10 harrows, and 4 other implements.

Work will commence at 9.30 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. each day. There will be an interval for luncheon between 12 and 1.30.

Demonstrations took place yesterday (Monday) .andathe trials last "from to

day (Tuesday) until Friday. Arrangements will be made to enable visitors, so far as possible, to see the various types of implements at work on

each -slay. Weather permitting, it is proposed to have a special demonstration of cultivating implements on the Thursday afternoon.

There are trains at about hourly intervals from Wayerley Station. Edinburgh, to Askbank and also to Dalkeith Station, whence a regular service of buses runs past the giounds. The Scottish Motor Traction Co. will' run a special service of buses from Edinburgh.

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