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The Wheels of Industry.

17th June 1915, Page 8
17th June 1915
Page 8
Page 8, 17th June 1915 — The Wheels of Industry.
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This journal, dealing as it does with the "Chariots of War," no less than with tae "Wheels of Industry," continues of national importance. Its 'interests embrace impartially the transport wagon and the parcelcar, the military tractor and the steam lorry.

Recent Registrations. • Proposals and Purchases.

Portland U.D.C. has been asking quotations for a steam tractor.

The .Northwich r.D.C. is making inquiries concerning the supply of a motor fire-engine.

Bournemouth Town Council has ordered a steam tractor at 243S 15s., from Aveling and Porter, Ltd.

Southampton T.C. has received sanction to the borrowing of 1085 for the purpose of a fire-engine.

The City Surveyor of Sheffield has arranged for the conversion of a third motor lorry for use as an ambulance.

Twickenham's new Dennis fireengine has been delivered, at the contract price of £1125, and has sueCossfully pasSed its tests.

' The Highways CoMmittee of Nottingham City. Council hopes in due time to extend considerably the system of mechanical haulage.

The Horse Committee of the Yeovil Town Connell hopes to acquire a steam lorry on the hirepurchase system, following the refusal of the L.G.B. to sanction a loan.

The Fire Brigade sub-committee of Edinburgh T.C. has considered the advisability of substituting motor engines for the present horsed vehicles, but in view of the present circumstances, the question stands deferred. North of Ireland Motor Co., Ltd. (R3000), office flb, Chichester Street, Belfast, to manufacture motor vehicles.

Dreng, Ltd. (X1000), office Four Oaks Road, Erdington, Birmingham, to carry on the business of motor-vehicle manufacturers.

Eccleshill Haulage Co., Ltd. (X1000) by H. Bramet, Tadcaster, to carry on the business of general haulage contractors, motorbus, wagon and van proprietors.

Argyll (London) Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd. (R3000), office Priory Road, liornsey, N., to carry on the business of manufacturers Of motor vehicles of all kinds.


A meeting of the members of A.B.C. Motors, Ltd. will be held at 805, Salisbury H:ouse, London Wall, E.C., on 9th July, at 4 o'clock, to consider the liquidator's report.

A Rod Exhibition.

We are sorry that. the Road Exhibition, organized by the County Councils Association, to be held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, Westminster, S.W., from the 25th inst. to the 1st prox., clashes in part with the holding of the R.A.S.E. Show at Nottingham. This Road Exhibition appears to

be an echo of the successful display of the kind which was carried through, at a profit of about £1000, two years ago, during the bolding of the International Road Congress in London.

Suspended Motorbus Services.

The West Lothian Motor Co., Ltd., has transfered its motor vehicles to a section of the A.S.C., M.T., in Scotland. As a result, the services in the vicinity of Armsdale and Bathgate have been suspended, much to the inconvenience of local residents.

"The Electric Vehicle."

No. 3 of Volume I of "The Electric Vehicle," which quarterly journal is the official organ of the Electric Vehicle Committee of the Incorporated Municipal Electrical Association, has -now been issued. The printers are the Electrical Press., Ltd., 13-16, Fisher Street, Southampton Row, W.V. The Hon. Editor is Mr. A. H. Seabrook, M.Inst.E.E., the general manager of the Marylebone Supply Department.

We find the contents of the current number reflect a widening of interest in the cause of the electric vehicle and we notice with pleasure evidences of an inclination to go more closely into the subject of ascertained costs under service conditions. Each number costs 3d.

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