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Knox Tractor Trials.

17th June 1915, Page 7
17th June 1915
Page 7
Page 7, 17th June 1915 — Knox Tractor Trials.
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Our readers will no doubt remember our reference to the Knox tractor. This machine we described in our issue of the 11th of February. Its construction is rather unusual, as was observed on that occasion. The chassis is carried on three wheels, the front one serving as a steerer, the drive being taken by the rear wheels, the final transmission being by a pair of side chains.

The rear portion of the chassis is separate, connection to the front being through the medium of a special system of laminated springs ; it is fitted with a turntable top, which carries the fore-part of the trailer, from which the front axle and wheels must previously be removed. The attachment is so arranged that the king bolt of the trailer is vertically over the back axle of the tractor. The effect of this arrangement is that a very narrow turning circle is possible ; the wheelbase of the tractor is 12 ft 1 in., and that of the trailer 8 ft. 11 ins., giving a combines wheelbase of 21 ft. ; it can nevertheless turn completely round within a circle of 29 ft. 6 ins. diameter. The engine fitted is a four-cylinder 44 in. by 51in, bore and stroke respectively, it is water-cooled, with the cylinders east separately, and overhead valves. This machine has recently been subjected to R.A.C. trials, and the following is an epitome of the certificates which were awarded as a result of these tests. The two trials altogether occupied five d.ays. the distance covered being, in tote, 3771; miles. The daily route was from Bromley (St. Luke's Church) to Cooper's Green 'and backvia Severioaks, Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough. the total distance there and back being 75i miles. The following table shows the results of the trial (the ton-mileage per gallon is calculated on gross total weight of load and load carried) :—

Actual Average Weight of Speed, trailer and Running

load. time only. T. e. q. M.P.H.

Petrol ConenmpCon. tkni in sumpt'n . ton en des M.P.G. per gallon.

1st day-3-ton load ... 4 8 0 10.2 2nd day-5-ton load ... 6 7 1 8.7 3rd day ... ... 4 18 0 11.9 4th day ... ... 7 9 2 10.8

5th day ... .. .9 1 0 10.2

4.718 20.76 3.705 23.67 6.385 26.36 4.436 32.96 3.837 34.72 The first trial .occupied two days and took place on 18th and 19th February, 1915. There was much rain and the roads were heavy. The consumption of lubricating oil was at the rate of 1208 miles per gallon. The second one lasted three days, 19th, 20th and 21st April, 1915, in fair weather and with roads in good condition. The consumption of lubricating oil was at the rate of 302 m.p.g.


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