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16th September 1938
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Page 29, 16th September 1938 — COMMER . 8-CWT. VAN PRICE REDUCED.
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Commer Cars, Ltd., Luton, announces a reduction in the price of its 8-cwt. Supervan. The new figure for the complete van is £149 and for the chassis £117—a reduction of £5 and 43 respectively.

The revised figures are the direct outcome of an • increased demand for the vehicle, and no alteration has been made in the specification. Thus, the chassis will continue to include such features as a " cushion-mounted " 30 b.h.p. side-valve engine, an allsynchromesh four-speed gearbox, boxgirder-section frame, self-energizing brakes, " van-load" springs, and large-section low-presshre tyres. At the present time, nearly 7,000 Commer 8-cwt. Supervans are in service.

An Assurance on Licence Currencies.

There is still some fear that the granting of carriers' licences for the longer periods is not to be quite so automatic as was at first assumed and . that the new power in the hands of the Licensing Authorities will be used as a lever further to control operators.

In the North-Western Area inquirers appear to be satisfied with a semiofficial assurance that, by the end of next year, everyone will have obtained his full currency. Naturally, the process is somewhat complicated, but it is asserted that, under the scheme, officially notified by circular, more than half the A-licence holders will get renewal for a longer period and the rest will get licences for over four years immediately. On the B-licence side, none get less than before and the majority gets licences of two year's' currency right away.

The Largest Extrusion Press.

To cope with the increasing demand made for its materials, Reynolds Tube Co., Ltd., Tyseley, Birmingham, announces further extensions to its large plant for the production of lightalloy tubes and sections. These include 'a 5,600-ton extrusion press—the largest in the world—together with a further 2,750-ton press. The former will produce sections weighing f-ton and up to 60 ft. in length in heat-treatable high -. strength alloys. The new units are expected to be in operation shortly.

Improperly Used Evidence?

" Up till now I have no reason to think that any improper use is being made of informatio3 given in this _court," said Sir William Hart, North. Western Deputy Licensing Authority, at a case in Manchester, last week. This was in reply to yet another declaration of reluctance to divulge to the representatives of the railway companies the names of customers of road 'carriers.

It was alleged that, directly after a previous hearing, when an application for an additional vehicle had been refused, customers who had written saying they desired extra facilities from their regular carriers had been canvassed by railwaymen. No evidence, however, being forthcoming that the canvassings were more than the ordinary calls, the incident closed with the above observation.

Minister at S.M.M. and T. Dinner.

The Minister of Transport will be the principal guest at the annual dinner Of the Society Of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Grosvenor House, London, W., on October 12, when Lord Kenilworth will preside.'


F. Perkins, Ltd., of Peterborough, the well-known maker of oil engines. in collaboration with Mr, H. Scott Hall (" S.T.R.," the costs expert. of The Commercial Motor) has, arranged a series of lectures on truck salesmanship at Peterborough. The first of these courses, lasting a week, will commence on September 26. Mr. H. Scott Hall, Mr. L. W. J. Hancock and members of the staff of the Perkins company will act as lecturers.

An interesting synopsis has been prepared, which includes the following subjects:—The Psychology of Salesmanship; Salesmanship Applied to the Road-transport Industry; What the User Requires from the Salesman; Transport Law ; Road transport Economics; Simple Steps in Runningcost Reduction ; The Effect of Engine Evolution on Running Costs; The Oil/engine Era.

This series ef lectures has been instituted in response to a demand from many motor traders, who deplore the present shortage of competent selling and advisory representatives. We understand that the scheme has been received most enthusiastically.

Instruction Courses in Welding.

For its session 1938-1939, which opens on September 26, the South-east London Technical Institute, Lewisham High Road, London, S.E.4, is including a series of classes on welding (electric arc and oxy-acetylene). The course comprises illustrated lectures and demonstrations on technique and applications, and theoretical and practical courses for the City and

Guilds certificates. Enrolment commences on September 19.

The Minister's Mistake ?

"I will refuse to pay road rates until matters are improved," said Mr. C. W. Murray, a Strathcarron laird; at a recent meeting of Ross-shire Highways Committee. He said that he failed to see how the Minister of Transport, after a few days' tour of the Highland Counties, could come to the conclusion that 9-ft. wide roads were suitable. They had been urged to develop the tourist traffic, he said, but that was impossible unless the widths of the roads were increased.

New Kathanode Batteries.

The D.P. Battery Co., Ltd., •Bakewell, Derbyshire, has lately issued a new catalogue dealing with its range of Kathanode batteries for commercial vehicles. The BAK type is an entirely new range and, as the capacities and dimensions correspond with those of standard batteries, they are suitable for 'replacement purposes. The range comprises batteries of 6 volts, 12 'Lofts and 24 volts, with capacities, at the 10hour rate, ranging from 60-240 amp.hours. The catalogue contains hiller details and illustrations of these new batteries, together with particulars of other well-known types in the company's range.

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