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News of Municipal Activities

16th September 1932
Page 45
Page 45, 16th September 1932 — News of Municipal Activities
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Deptford Speed Limit Withdrawn.

Deptford Highways Committee reports that under the provisions of section 122 of the Road Traffic Act, 1030, speed limits of less than 20 m.p.h., imposed before the passing of that Act, are not to be continued in force for more than 12 months after January 1st, 1031, unless an Order is made by the Minister of Transbort. Directions have been given for the 10 m.p.h. signs in High Street to be removed.

Aberdeen's Passenger Services.

The total revenue of the tramways and motorbus services of Aberdeen for the year ended May 31st, 1932, was 1268,337, or an increase of £2,080 on the previous year, the tramways revenue amounting to £145,729 (a decrease of 116,585), and the motorbus total revenue amounting'to 1114,667 (a rise of £17,151 in traffic receipts).

The • tramway working expenses amounted to 1118,542, leaving a gross profit of £27,186. To this is added a capital appreciation On war loan stock which has been realized, amounting to /4,993. • From the total-of 132,179, allocations to reserve fund, interest, sinking fund, income tax, depreciation, renewals and special expenditure are deducted, leaving a net profit of £2,640.

The total motorbus revenue is £114,667, working expenses being

£96,880; this leaves a gross profit of £17,,787. After subtracting interest, sinking fund, income tax and special .expenditure, and adding £489 as capital appreciation on war loan stock, a balance of £6,354 is carried to the depreciation and renewal account.

Passengers carried on the tramcars totalled 26,993,631, compared with 41,700,576 in the previous year, whilst on the buses 2:3,918,005 passengers were carried as compared with 19,358,991 a year earlier.

£60,000 Conversion Scheme.

Dover Corporation is to submit to the Minister of Transport proposals for converting the municipal tramways to trolley-bus working, the cost of the scheme being estimated at 160,000.

New Pembrokeshire Ferry Urged.

We understand that the existing Pembroke-Neyland ferry service over Milford Haven is to terminate this .month, and Pembrokeshire County Council is being urged to substitute an adequate ferry Service between the two divisions of the county for commercial vehicles, ears and passengers. The matter will he considered by the council at its next meeting. Some years ago a ferry scheme was formulated by engineers and the estimated cost was about £24,000.

Report of Dundee Transport Committee.

The 31st annual report on Dundee Corporation transport for the year ended May 15th, 1932, shows that the revenue on the tramway, and motorbus services was respectively 1118,122 and £86,688, the corresponding working expenses being £100,089 and £69,620. Of the gross profits, interest, income-tax, debt redemption, renewals fund, depreciation, etc., account for £44,213 in the case of tramways and 111,890 in the case of the motorbuses.

During the year some permanent-way renewals and tramcar reconditioning were completed, whilst 10 new doubledeck buses were purchased, five being A.E.G.' Regents and five Thornycroft Daring vehicles. One of the A.E.C. chassis is equipped with an oil engine. The vehicles were not completed before the end of the financial year. Two Leyland double-deck buses which had previously been on hire to the corporation were purchased out of revenue during the year.

Municipal Action Against Overloading.

Resolutions have been passed by Westmorland County Conned and by the highways committee of Cheshire County Council concerning the alleged excessive weights of vehicles using the highways. The Minister of Transport is to be advised.

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