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Notes on the Government Road Haulage Scheme

16th October 1942
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Page 25, 16th October 1942 — Notes on the Government Road Haulage Scheme
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Supplied by the Ministry of' War Transport and the Hauliers' National Traffic Pool, to keep the Industry informed of 7 developments, but not necessarily to be regarded as official pronouncements.

SPEEDIER PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS.— The use of the standard form of invoice recently introduced by the MiListry and obtainable free of charge from any Area Board Haulage Office, has already had the desired effect of speeding up the checking and payment* of accounts. It is hoped that any' operators who are not at present using this form of invoice will ask Area Road Haulage Officers, for supplies. WINTER TRAFFIC INCREASE.—The general cargo and meat moved in the week ended September 25 totalled 174,832 tons. This is only 1,200 tons less than the record figure—the previous week-.—and with the approach of winter the general upward tendency which -is clearly apparent may be expected to continue.

GLOUCgSTER TRAFFIC OFFICE.—On behalf of the Area Office at Bristol, traffic is now being accepted at a new local traffic office which was opened on October 12 at Westgate Motor House, Westgate Street, Gloucester. The office is in the charge of a traffic movement officer_

DEFENCE IANEs.—With the enrolment of a further 340 vehicles in the week ended September 26, the total number of vehicles available under the Scheme for use in emergencies now stands at 44,040. BELISHA BEACONS SHOULD BE UPROOTED j/sT view of the need for metal and the development of other satisfactory

devices . for indicating pedestrian crossings, the surrender of Belisha beacon posts for scrap metal was proposed by a Labour Member in the House last week. This course was advocated in February, last, but the suggestion was rejected, and it appears that the Ministry of War Transport is .still unwilling to turn the useful stock of metal these posts represent to the purpose of winning the war.

This attitude is difficult to underr. stand, because light-coloured pedestrian crossings, or those marked with "cats eye " .reflectors are easily identified by night or day, whilst very few, if any, pedestrians, -motor drivers, or cyclists take any notice of Belisha beacons.

• OMNIBUS SOCIETY LOSES ITS TREASURER 'WE learn, with regret, of the death VV of Mr. E. Moffatt _which occurred on September 30, at the age of 72. He had Served the Omnibus Society' as 'honorary treasurer since 1933. • Incidentally, for the time being, letters for the honorary treasurer • should be addressed to the honorary. secretary at 45, Crest Road, Hayes, Bromley, Kent.


FROM the time that the Liverpool Markets Committee instituted a parking fee of Is. for each vehicle left overnight on the plateau in front of the Stanley Meat Market, strong objections have been made by the Ministry of War Transport, which has again asked that the modest fee be waived. The committee is sticking to its guns and has decided that it cannot see its way to make the concession sought.


ANEW arrangement. regarding work'men's buses has been agreed to by Stockton and Middlesbrough Corporations and United Automobile Services, Ltd., which may have a considerable influence on passenger transportin .other spheres. The scheme commenced last Monday. Under it, all workmen's buses operated to, through, or from the Urban District of Billingham, by the corporations and company concerned, will be available for picking up ordinary passengers at recognized stopping places,' at the usual fares, when

accommodation is available.


ALONG-FELT need by engineers for a direct-reading set of trigonometrical tables is met by a new publication of the Trade School of the Ford Motor Co., Ltd. This gives the six ratios for every minute of angle and to six figures: also incorporated are all the definitions and formul,T likely to be required in the practical applications of this subject.

Although produced primarily for engineers and technical students, it is equally useful to scientists, navigators, radio designers and others, and consists of 54 pages in handy pocket size. Copies are available from the company's works at Dagenham, at Is. 6d., including postage.

FORDSONS FOR THE M.W.B. 'THE Metropolitan Water Board has

accepted the ...tender of the Ford Motor Co., Ltd., for the supply of six Fordson 10-cwt. vans.

ROTARY-VALVE DEVELOPMENT A T 12, Hobart Place, London, ti SAVA., on November 15, at 2.30 p.m., Mr. 3. Jack will read a paper entitled " The Development of the Cross Rotary-valve Engine" before the Graduates' Section, London Branch, of the Institution of Automobile Engineers.


APLEA that defendant had used the petrol for a journey so as to help with haymaking at Grassiugton, in response to an S.O.S. from his farmer-brother who had had an accident, was made at Otley, last week, when a Guiseley director was fined £1 and ordered to pay 19s. 4d. costs. because he used petrol for a purpose other than that for which it had been . issued.

A Ministry of War Transport official said petrol was issued for leading hay from the field, but not for the purpose of getting to the farm. The defendant's solicitor stressed that it was not a pleasure trip.

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