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One Hears

15th December 1944
Page 19
Page 19, 15th December 1944 — One Hears
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

" When Greek meets Greek."

Regrets expressed at the M.O.W.T.'s " narrow " outlook: Of many looking. forward to the day when once more we shall be able to wheel away our time.

The query, "Must the inadequacy of our roads always restrict the adequacy of our transport?"

That it is good to have the spares positiOn clarified, and it will be better still when it can be rectified.

That Sir Gilbert Szlumper's advocacy of placing all means for transport under a board may assist in causing a slump.

That one man's meat is, proverbially, another man's poison, but one man's railway shares should net be the other fellow's cramp.

That 15 times as many military motor vehicles have been built in this country during the first five years of the present war as in the 1914-18 period.

Of American hopes of big business in haulage.

That local rates on garages amounted to 10,000,000 in 1938.

Of somebody asking, "Who picks the 'eyes' out of the 30 M.p.h. limit signs?"

Of special American summary courts of justice in Great Britain to deal with too-speedy drivers.

That a large number of such culprits has already been fined. _0_ That rivets with a tiny explosive charge in each shank, fired byan electrically heated iron, can solve difficult problems of " blind " riveting.

That the National Association of Furniture Warehousemen and Removers supplies annually nearly 250,000 drivers' log sheets to its members.

That for D-Day General Eisenhower had five times more lorries, 15 times more special types of vehicle and threefold the passenger machines available to General Pershing in November, 1918.

That the gift of the gab sometimes merits the gift of the gag.

That high temperature in a tyre is as bad as an attack of fever in a man.

That the American 45-ton Tank transporter has 35 tyres and a spare —'only one amongst so many !

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