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One Hears

15th April 1955, Page 37
15th April 1955
Page 37
Page 37, 15th April 1955 — One Hears
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

That there are no rats and no sinking ship.

That it takes a man of spirit to reduce liquid-fuel prices. • That Scammell should usefully fill a gap in the Leyland-Albion range.

"Will this mean a shell out?"

That the first crude-oil pipeline, laid in 1865, was t in. in diameter and five miles long.

That some oil pipelines today are more than 1,000 niles long and are large enough for a man to crawl hrough.

That he Would be tired and hungry, however, at he end of such a trip.

That trade and technical journals provided infornative reading for the Easter holiday.

That even young members of the fair sex have teen spotted looking through the pages of this journal –without, seemingly, being over-tired.

That nobody has suggested atom-bomb tests as the ause of the mysterious burning out of ignition ontact points. That the letter of the law is not always Al.

Economies by Aberdeen! Well that's not news."

That men of principle cannot always be expected to agree.

What a lot of new tyres are appearing—and each better than the others!

Will experts' criticism of 'njection-pump timing difficulties affect present designs?

That it may " rack " the brains of their designers.

That a Timken advertisement, made one reader reflect that we could all do with a toughened core for shock resistance these anxious times.

That those who lack this core get the pip.

That a report may be nothing more than an explosive noise, but the Government must not be deceived into taking the Committee of Inquiry's report into London Transport as nothing more than that.

That it would be waste of time and money to employ a fact-finding committee and remain blind to the facts found.


Organisations: Committee of Inquiry
Locations: Aberdeen

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