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Fire-Brigade Matters.

14th September 1911
Page 9
Page 9, 14th September 1911 — Fire-Brigade Matters.
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Dewsbury Watch Committee has recommended the Town Council to purchase a Morris engine with a pumping capacity of 500 gallons a minute. The vehicle will be equipped to carry a 55-ft. escape.

The Parish Council of Beddington has finally adopted a scheme which has been under consideration since May last, and which provides for the purchase of a motor hose-cart and accessories at an estimated cost of 2750.

As supplementing the first-aid apparatus now in use at the London Docks, the Port of London Authority proposes to procure four electric ambulances. It is estimated that the annual cost of the new service when in full operation will be about. 24,000.

The Worthing Town Council is experiencing a satisfactory demand, at reasonable fees, for the use of its Dennis engine outside the borough area, and appears to have suffered no inconvenience from the responses which have so far been willingly made. Dennis Deliveries.

The latest 500-gallon Dennis turbine engine to be delivered is that to the Manchester City Brigade ; the vehicle is of the standard Dennis pattern, with Gwynne pump, and with a 36-ft. telescopic ladder. No fewer than 23 Dennis fireengines are on order at the moment, thus : London (repeat), five ; Birmingham (repeat), two ; Brisbane (repeat), one ; Bradford (repeat), one ; West Bromwich, one ; Govan, one ; Anglo-Persian Oil Co., three ; Burma Oil Co., one ; West Ham, one ; Nottingham, one ; Sydney, two : King's Heath, one ; Cape Hill Brewery, one ; Croydon, two.

The Montreal Tenders.

In consequence of representations made by THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR to the Board of Commissioners of the City of Montreal. the tenders for the new motor fireengines and appliances, to which we made references in our issues of the 17th and 24th Angust, will remain open until the 3rd October, in order to allow makers other than

those in the U.S.A. and Canada to submit tenders. This concession is satisfactory so far as it goes, but we think the Fire Board would be consulting its own intereats if it were to invite tenders afresh, and not to do so upon a specification which reads as though it were drafted to suit a particular U.S.A. maker, or one which requires unduly early delivery.

At Glasgow.

Mr. William Waddell, the Chief Officer of the Glasgow Brigade, informs us that he was thoroughly satisfied with the excellent service which the motor pumps gave during the recent conflagrations in the Clydeside city. Not any one of the pumps failed, and it will be recalled that the brigade had to cope with two big fires within a few hours of one another. One pump worked continuously for nine hours at the first fire and seven hours at, the second fire, with an interval between the two fires of about two hours ; another pump worked continuously for six hours at the first fire, and 64 hours at the second fire, with a like interval.

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