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Motorbus World.

14th September 1911
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Page 8, 14th September 1911 — Motorbus World.
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At an extraordinary general meeting of the members of the MidDerbyshire Motor Bus Cu., Ltd., held at the George Hotel, Alfreton, Derbyshire, a resolution was passed to the effect, that the company be wound up.

Hessle and Hull are to be linked up by a motorbus service, a Mr. Dale, of Hull, having obtained a licence from the urban district council at their last meeting for a 14seated motorbus, subject to the speed of this vehicle not exceeding 15 miles an hour.

The second annual dinner of the staff and employees of the L.G.O.C. -Upton Park Garage was held on the 1st inst., the chair being occupied by Mr. H. Darby, the district engineer, who was supported by Mr. J. Hudson, the general foreman at the depot, and Mr. W. Fabb, the superintendent. Covers were laid for 90.

The Correct 'Way.

A busybody, or someone who had nothing vital to busy himself with, examined a number of London and Provincial morning papers the other day, and found that a certain word or compound word was spelt in an amusingly diversified way : Charabancs ; Char-a-banes ; Charsa-banes ; Char-a-banes ; Chars-a

banes-and a few more. The last given above is good enough for " Punch." When leading papers differ, who shall decide ? In the char-i-bancs (singular) and chars-a-bancs (plural) are correct, and that is the way we adopt, though we cannot ignore the fact that eharabancs is an Anglicized way that would be best comprehended by the masses. There is a useful book, by title " Author and Printer" (by E. Howard Collins), which is tie guide followed unswervingly in many newspaper offices. It gives " chars-k-bancs," as does the " Oxford English Dictionary." The apparent plural termination to our singular is due to the fact that it indicates one car but more than one cross-bench or seat..

Ample Depreciation Reserve at Eastbourne.

At a recent meeting of the Eastbourne Town Council, questions were asked relating to the motorbuses on the sea front. A member complained of a large falling off in receipts during the early part of the season. The explanation given was that the service has been designedly kept at the lowest point consistent with actual requirements in order that the noise from vehicu

lar traffic on the principal parades might be reduced to a minimum.

In the fifth annual report which the Eastbourne Borough Accountant has now published with regard to the finances of the borough, which, in this instance, deals with the year ended the 31st March last, the accounts of the motor omnibus department are surveyed. Now, Mr. Sparrow,the aecountant,points out that he has carefully revised his calculations of the amount that the various vehicles have depreciated, and he finds that, for the whole fleet, with the exception of a lorry, this amounts to £9,280 out of a total capital outlay of 115,400. A sum of £7,500 has been charged to revenue by means of repayment of loans, thus leaving £1,700 to be met from the depreciation and reserva fund, which was more than sutra cient to cover it.

Another New Service.

The new Albion motorbus which is now running in service between Wolverhampton and Fallings Park was submitted to an official test on Tuesday evening of last week. This fine vehicle, which is fitted with a comfortably upholstered char-abanes body arranged to seat 24 passengers, is electrically lighted, and is provided with suitable canopy and curtains The vehicle commenced running in regular service later in the week.

Tilling-Stevens Petrolelectric.

An agreement has been entered into between Thomas Tilling, Ltd., of Peckham, and W. A. Stevens, Ltd., of Maidstone, in which the former company has secured the sole rights of use and sale of the Stevens patent electrical transmission for omnibuses and mail vans within the Metropolitan police area, and the latter company is to have the sole rights of manufacture and sale of complete TillingStevens petrol chassis outside the Metropolitan police area, and also inside the Metropolitan area for vehicles other than omnibuses or mail vans. The same construction will be employed in the chassis for use either inside or outside London. Tilling-Stevens petrol-electric vehicles are the results of exhaustive experiments carried out for a period of four years under public-service conditions in London, and the first vehicle, which is still in service and in excellent condition, has already run over 120,000 miles. It will be

remembered that we published a complete description of the TillingStevens chassis in our issue of the 8th June last.

Motorbus or Tramcar?

It has been suggested that the Elland U.D.C. should institute a motorbus service to and from the Huddersfield tram terminus. This suggestion has been put forward as an alternative to that recently made to the effect that the Huddersfield tramway system should be extended from Birchencliffe to the Elland Town Hall, and that the Elland U.D.C. should subsidize the undertaking to the extent of 2100 per annum for five years.

"Reversible" Motorbuses.

It is reported that a new type of motorbus has been designed by Messrs. L. Wilton Cox and Edmund W. Lewis. This vehicle is stated to be similar in appearance to a, tramcar, and has steps at each end of the car to the top deck, with dual steering gear and a drive to all four wheels. The advantages claimed are that the chance of

skidding or sliding will be reduced to a minimum by this equal distribution of the weight on all four wheels. Its seating capacity is stated to be 5, of which number

22 are accommodated inside and 36 outside. We glean our information from "The Daily Telegraph," and are left with the impression that someone's leg has been pulled

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