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Tenders of Interest to Hauliers

14th February 1936
Page 49
Page 49, 14th February 1936 — Tenders of Interest to Hauliers
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ryIENDKRS are invited by the following (latest dates given in parentheses)

Staffordshire' C.C. for tarmacadam, dry slag, stone, gravel or other chippings, bricks, coal, also roller hire. Apply to Mr. R. S. Mud, County Builfings, Stallard. (February 12.) Harrow U.D.C. for {1) granite end granite drippings; (2) tarred slag, granite, limestone and bituminous surfacinge; (3) sand, erueled grit, shingle, ballast, gravel, leggin and clinker; (-.1.3) lire of rollers and lorries. A.pply to en=eel, Council Offices, Stanmore, Middlesex. {February 29.)

Scarborough B.C. for bricks, cement, tarred slag, tar, whinstone or granite (broken). .Apply to Mr. J. Paton Watson, Town Hall, Scarborough. (February 28.)

Harrogate B.C. for limestone, cement, York stone, slag, coke also haulage. Apply to Mr. C. E. Rivers, Municipal Offices, Harrogate. (February 22.) Bothwell (Yorks) 17.0.0. for dry broken and tarred slag„ limestone, dry broken granite, quartzite chipping's, washed sand, gravel, pitch, also mechanical haulage (day work). Apply to Mr. C. A. E. Snell, Council Offices, Itothwell. near Leeds. (February 22.)

Bolsover U.D.C. for liquapbalted limestone, basalt chippings, slag clippings, gravel, tarred slag, content, coke. Apply to Mx. W. Veevers, Council Offices, Bolsover, near Chesterfield. March 5.)

Lancashire C.C. for cement, tarmacadame. aggregate and sand for concrete (granite and ;.erttstone), ashes, shale granite clippings, macadam and limestone. Apply to MS. P. Schofield, County Offices, Preston. (February 28.) CraveSend B.C. for granite, Kentish ragstone, Kentish sagstoue chippinge, ballast, sand, baretore, grit. Apply to Mr. F. 'R. Grant, 6, Woodville Terrace, Gravesend. (February 27.) Royton U.O.O. for rubble and broken stone, washed sand, bituminous macadam, bituminous limestone, granite chipping's, dry broken granite and limestone cube chipping's, coat ard coke. Apply to surveyor, Town Hall. (February 22.)

Bebingten 17.0.0. for macadam, chippings, tarmacadam, cement, coal. also haulage of materials. Apply to Mr. L. Birch, Brackenwood, Higher Bebington. (March 4.) Sheffield IIighway and Sewerage Committee for Is) approximately 7,000 tons of 'o-in. and (Isl 3,000 tons of if-in. chips lorsurface dressing-granite, basalt or qua rtzite ; (c) 1,000 tons of ;Vim and Mt 500 tons of clips-granite or basalt; (el 4,000 tons of li4-%-en. ernshessun granite or basalt, or 4,000 tons of graded granite or basalt; (i) 7,500 tons of to dust lime

stone: (g) 1,000 toms of ?kin. to dust crushed lima-stone: (h) 6,000 tons of 3-16-in. Moan limestone: Ill 500 tons oflimestone chippings. Apply to Mr. .W. J. Hadfield, Town Hall, Sheffield 1. (February 17.1

Southampton B.C. for road materials and broken granite. Apply to Borough Engineer's Department, Civic Centre, Southampton. Beddington and Wallington 11.0.0. for sand, ballast, gravel, tarmac:0am. Apply to Mr. S. F. Carter, Town Ha)l, Wallington, Surrey. (Febcelery 24.) Heywood B.C. for broken stone, limestone clippings, granite setts and chipping, tarmacadam. Apply to Mr. A. Middleton, !Municipal Buildings, Heywood. (February 19.) Dagenham U.D.C. for tarroacadaro, ballast, sand, shingle, lime, cement, bricks, granite, coal and gas coke. asphalt. Apply to Mr. F. C. Lloyd, Council Offices, 'Dagenham. (February 29.) Rotherham R.D.C. for broken slag, tarred and untarred; broken limestone, tarred and un'tarred; bardstene kerbing, quartzite chippings, sand and gravel. mechanical haulage. Apply to Mr. A. E. Lent, Council Offices, Moorgate, Rotherham. (February 20.)

Holland (Limes) CC. ter granite, slag, tar, macadam, slag and granite drippings, shingle, also hire of steam repliers. Apply to Mr. W. A. Rogerson, County Hall, Boston, Lines. (February 24.)

Kidderminster B.C. for broken granite, slag or limestone (dry), tarred inaeadain, bituwineus macadam and asphalt, gravel, sand, coal and coke, bricks. Apply to Ms. J. Rawer" 110, Mill Street, Kidderminster. (February 29.) Sunderland T.C. for steam coal. Apply to gen CYR l rea n eget, Electricity Offices, thin nieg Street, Sunderland. (February 19.1 Chatham T.C. for tarred and asphaltic site macadam, tarred cagstone, broken gran its. granite clippings, broken rapt-one and surface picked flints, Apply to Mr. R. L. Honey, TOW2. Hall, Chatham. (February 20.) Selby R.D.C. for quartzite gravel, slag (tarred and untarred), whinstone. Apply to MT. Braithwaite, 22, Park Street. (February 21.) Shrewsbury T.O. for tarred or bituminotra macadam and. clippings. Apply to surveyor. Guildhall, Shrewsbury. {March 2.)

Sowerby for broken stone (local), sand, Portland cement, limestone macadam, also haulage. Apply. to Mr. J. Eaetwood,.Council Offices, Sowerby Bodge. (February 18.)

Waltowle•Dale U.D.C. for machine-hroken granite and clippings, machine-broken limestone, elippings and dust, limestone tarmacadam, washed river or pit sand. Apply to Mr. A. H. H. Wilkinson, Council Offices, Bomber Bridge, Lanes. (February 19.) Wortley R.D.C. far broken granite or basalt, broken limestone, broken slag, quartzite chippings, eon], also mechanical haulage. Apply to Mr. F. Thurlby, Grenoside, near Sheffield. Websuary 24.) Eastbeurne T.C. for broken granite and drippings, granite -kerb and setts, tarmacadent. bricks, sand, lime, coal and coke, also haulage. Apply to borough engineer. (February 21 )

Egham U.D.O. for tar and bituminous compounds, dry road:stone, tarmacadam, gravel and sand, bricks, hire of steam roller, also haulage. Apply to engineer, Council offices. Fgliani• (February 22.) SwanSea TO. for bricks, granite chipping', limestone, tarmacadam, sand, slag, ashes, ale° haulage. Apply to engineer, Guildhall, Swansea. (February 18.)

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