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UK first in ipg pumps

14th August 1982, Page 14
14th August 1982
Page 14
Page 14, 14th August 1982 — UK first in ipg pumps
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MODIFICATIONS made to 1 CEHE regenerative pump p duced by SIHI-Ryaland Pun Ltd of Bridgewater Road, Alt cham, Cheshire, are claimed make it the first surfac mounted centrifugal pump to available in the UK suitable pumping lpg from undergrou storage tanks.

The fuel is frequently stoi underground for safety a technical reasons and a ma problem in the past has been pump the lpg efficiently fr( these underground tanks wi out total vapourisation taki place.

The CEHE pump has a spec liquid retaining stage which claimed to ensure that the pur retains enough liquid for e cient priming even in very l• weather.

Any vapour in the system recompressed into lpg at ea operation.

By positioning the return Ii from the separator so that t lpg is sprayed against the inr wall of the storage tank, sucti side energy in the vapo system is increased.

Below: 7 — CEHE pump; 2 Separator; 3 — Dispenser; 4 — S rage vessel; 5 — Main delivery pi; — Return pip..


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