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FODEN Oil - engined 6-TONNER This Striking Vehicle is Equipped with a Gardner Oil Engine of the 6L2 Pattern

13th October 1931
Page 47
Page 47, 13th October 1931 — FODEN Oil - engined 6-TONNER This Striking Vehicle is Equipped with a Gardner Oil Engine of the 6L2 Pattern
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9111E well-designed oil engine

appears to be the most happy alternative to the steam engine, and it is, therefore, receiving considerable attention from this.aspect. In Its latest 6-tonner, Eodens, Ltd., Elworth Works, Sandbach, is utilizing a Gardner 6L2-type power unit with six cylinders, developing 72

b.h.p. at 1,300 r.p.rn. It is a type which is now well known, there being some 200 in service on road vehicles.

It has a six-bearing crankshaft, overhead valves in detachable cylinder heads, a centrifugal governor controlling the fuel pump, a submerged pump which forces lubricant to all moving parts, and simple atomizers which are easily .remov • able without breaking any water joint, and capable of being dismantled and reassembled by un skilled labour. The engine starts from cold on its oil fuel.

Built of channel-section, pressed steel, the frame is of ample strength for its carrying capacity and is well braced and gusseted. Semi-elliptic springs are used for both axles, those at the rear being underslung. The front axle is an H-section steel forging on which the stub axles are mounted through the medium of roller bearings, whilst the rear axle, which is of the full-floating type, has a casing formed as a one-piece banjopattern forging.

Cast-steel casings carry the worm and worm wheel, both of which• are mounted in roller bearings. The power is taken through a singleplate clutch, which is of ample size and totally enclosed. Four forward speeds and a reverse are provided by the gearbox, in ,which the pinions have hardened and ground teeth designed to cope with the heavy load and slow speed of the oil engine. From the gearbox a propeller shaft takes the drive to the worm.

Brakes on all four wheels are controlled by pedal. They are servoassisted and have exceptionally wide shod t to give a long wearing life. The hand brake acts on a drum mounted behind the gearbox. Caststeel wheels carry 40-in. by 8-in. pneumatic tyres, twins being fitted at the rear, whilst a spare rim and tyre are mounted on a carrier under the chassis. To provide air for the high-pressure tyres, a pump is mechanically operated from the gearbox. Exceptional fuel capacity is provided by a 40-gallon supply tank and a 12-gallon service tank, a handoperated pump enabling the oil to be changed over from the large tank to the small.

The equipment includes a 12-volt lighting set comprising dynamo, switchboard, large-capacity batteries, two headlamps, two side lamps, tail lamp, dimming switch, dashboard lamp, etc. In addition there is a comprehensive tool kit, hydraulic jack and the other usual accessories.

The main dimensions, etc., are:— wheelbase, 13 ft. tif ins.; track, front 6 ft. 5 ins., rear Sit. Th ins. ;,turning circle, 54 ft.; overall length, 23 ft.

• 8 ins. ; overall width, 7 ft. 3 ins.; loading height, 3,,ft. 11 ins.; overall height, 8-ft. The standard.leugtWof platform is 16 ft. by 7 ft., with sides 1 It; 6 ins. high. ,


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