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Side Issues at the Show.

13th November 1913
Page 11
Page 11, 13th November 1913 — Side Issues at the Show.
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Although we are not specifically concerned as a journal with the Olympia Pleasure-car Show, it may not be uninteresting to include a few notes which one of our representatives, during a stroll round the exhibition, has found occasion to,make. We draw attention, therefore, to a few distinctive features.

At the stand (No. 258) of United Motor Industries, Ltd., one of the chief exhibits is, of course, the wellknown D,W.F. ball bearing, of which type a large number, for various purposes, is shown. Among them was noticed a ball-bearing lathe poppet head,' which should have a good future before it. Another interesting item is the special elasticity demonstration machine, already familiar to our readers.

The Hoffmann Manufacturing. Co. is exhibiting its usual interesting assortment of ball radial and thrust bearings for various purposes. Following its procedure of previous years, it again shows the wellknown " Sticktion " test, by virtue of which visitors themselves can demonstrate to their own satisfaction the relative starting and running friction due to Hoffmann ball bearings, gunmetal bearings and plain steel bearings. These high-class specialities are in use by a great number of prominent commeicialvehicle manufacturers, and a visit to the company's stand kit. any exhibition is, therefore, alnays found to be worth while on the part of our readers. The Stern Sonneborn Oil Co., Ltd. (Stand 333), is again showing its chief lubricant speciality, viz., A mbroleum gearbox lubricant. This lubricant is a viscous neutralcomposition, which clings to the teeth of the gearwhe'els and follows their motion, thus entirely doing away with the channel cutting which is the fault with so many gearbox greases, as well as preventing, to a great extent, the leakage occasioned by the use of oil. A gearbox filled with Ambroleum and with the gears in motion affords a practical demonstration.

Rushmore Lamps Ltd. (Stand :1.50) are showing, for the first. time, their new electric engine starter ; this is a self-contained unit, a separately-driven dynamo being responsible for the lighting. The action of the starter is very simple : a. toothed ring is formed on the periphery of the flywheel, and a pinion on the armature shaft. The pinion is normally held out of mesh by the action of a light spring at the other end of the armature, which latter is, at the same time withdrawn slightly from the pole pieces. When a current passes through the machine, the pole pieces exert a magnetic force on the armature and draw it into a central position, the movement of the armature being such as to bring the pinion into mesh with the teeth on the flywheel.

An always interesting exhibit at motor shows is that of White and Poppe Ltd. (Stand 294), which company stages a very good selection of engines, including the new power unit for the Morris-Oxford car. A speciality is the new carburetter, which embodies

many improvements, the chief being the detachable float chamber, which can be fitted in many different positions relatively to the carburetter body. Drummond Bros. Ltd. (Stand 332) shows its fine selection of garage tools, including the new high-speed pedal-operated drilling mactline. A useful tool is the electrically-driven grindstone, which can be fitted to the lathe bed for grinding lathe centres while in position.

The Steel Barrel Co. Ltd. (Stand 225) shows a model of its well-known petrol storing and measuring installation, embodying several important improvements.

S. Smith and Son Ltd. (Stand 325) has a good show of speedometers, including one designed especially for commercial work. It reads up to 30 m.p.h., and is of substantial construction. Other exhibits are the recently-introduced Perfect four-jet ca.rburetter and Goldenlyte lamps.

At the stand (334) of C. A. Vandervell and Co. Ltd. can be seen the C.A.V. engine starter, which, it will be recalled, is of the electric type ; it turns the engine by means of a friction roller pressed by a pedal against the periphery of the flywheel. For large, engines an epicyclic reducing gear is fitted in the motor easing.

Amongst many other ,exhibits which should be of interest to readers of this journal are : the Timken roller bearings and the new " Eureka " detachable rim shown by the Electric and Ordnance Accessories Co., Ltd. (Stand 296); the new hydraulically-pressed Ferodo, exhibited by the Herbert Frood Co., Ltd. (Stand 340); a novel metal-plate tire shown by Braun and Co., Ltd. (Stand 182); and the new motor spirit, " Benzolite," brought out by S. Bowley and Son (Stand 213).


Locations: Oxford

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