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The Purchase Department.

13th May 1915, Page 20
13th May 1915
Page 20
Page 20, 13th May 1915 — The Purchase Department.
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Where to Buy your Supplies.

You Can Get It At " M.S." (North London).—The tire filling you mention is manufactured by Rubberine, Lta., Campsbourne Works, Hornsey, London, N.

Pyrene Fire Extinguishers.

We note that a special agency for the Pyrene fire . extinguisher has been granted to Brown Bros. Ltd., , the well-known factor and merchant of Great Eastern , Street, E.C.

"Little Hustler" Electric Drills.

A selection of the most popular types of Little

• 1-lustier" drills is listed in a leaflet we have received from the Armorduct Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Farringdon Avenue London, E.C. The leaflet deals ex clusively with Avenue, drills. The motor eupplied with thie type of drill is of the air-cooled class and is substantially constructed. It is very light ' in weight and highly efficient in its working. Particulars of this and other types of drills can be obtained from the company at the above address.

, Seel Wheels for Belgium.

Our illustration at the bottom of this page shows an excellent group of steel. wheels, manufactured by Light Steel Tubular Wheels, Ltd., 318, Euston Road, London, N.W., for delivery to the Belgian Govern ' intent. It is claimed that in one respect these wheels are unique, as they are the first consignment the ,company has delivered having an exceptional amount of • compression upon the spokes. It has been calculated that each back-wheel spoke carries a permanent compression of 20 tons, and it is claimed that the road stresses cannot at any time be equal to the opposing internal sti ..sses of the wheels.

The company points out, in a letter to us, that the experience which has been gained in the building of these wheels under patent rights, shows that efficiency

increases enormously with increased compression of the spokes and tension of the rim.

We described the construction of this electricallywelded steel wheel in our issue for the 1st October, 1914.

Hydraulic Presses of All Kinds.

We have received a copy of an interesting booklet from Hollings and Guest, Ltd., which describes fully the numerous types of presses manufactured by this long-established concern. Individual references are given to the many types of presses made, and with each textual notice a suitable line drawing is included. Several pages are devoted to descriptions of tire presses, which should be useful to our readers.

The "No.-cell" Dynamo.

The " No-cell " dynamo has been produced by the General Electric Co., Ltd., 67, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C., to meet the demand for a powerful vet inexpensive lighting set. It embodies many good leatures ; the chief one is that accumulators are entirely dispensed with, the lamps being connected by a twin cable direct to the dynamo.

The dynamo is of the permanent magnet type and is sound in principle and construction. It is totally enclosed in a cylindrical case 5 ins, in diameter by 5ins. long. The drive is by friction from the engine fly-Wheel, controlled by a Bowden ratchet lever situated on the dashboard of the. vehicle. The design. is such that variation in speed makes no appreciable fluctuation in the headlights, and it is impossible to burn out the bulbs.

The projectors are bold and graceful in appearance, and are so designed that when correctly focussed, by the special focussing device, a perfect light is obtained.


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