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Wheels of Industry c on.

13th May 1915, Page 12
13th May 1915
Page 12
Page 12, 13th May 1915 — Wheels of Industry c on.
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The Council of the Institute of Municipal and County Engineers has appointed Mr. A. E. Collins as its representative on the Electric Vehicle Committee.

A short while ago we reported that the Wimbledon LC. proposed. to give the Birkenhead Corporation an Option to purchase its new motor ambulance on order from Dennis Bros. The Birkenhead Corporation does not now desire to take up the option, and in view of the fact that DenniS Bros. (1914), Ltd., has completed the ambulance, the matter has been left in the hands of the Fire Brigade Superintendent to deal with.

Messrs. Ironside, Son and Co., of 40 Mincing Lane, E.C., are now accepting orders for early delivery ef internal combustion locomotive,. The firm is provisionally engaged on the 12 h.p. type, of which five are already running in the United Kingdom.The demand for these petrol and paraffin locomotives is very brisk 'just now, and new equipment has been laid down to hasten output. The 12 h.p. type can haul 41 tons On the level, or I01tons on a gradient of 1 in 50. The radius on the sharpest curve for this model is 20 ft., and the drawbar pull, at at m.p.h.. on the level, 929 lb.The weight of the locomotive, in working order or packed for shipment, is 41 tons.

City of London National Guard M.T. Colunto.

A composite convoy of the M.T. Column of the City of London National Guard paraded on Sunday, the 2nd inst, at Trafalgar Square, and proceeded with a company of the corps to Kempton Park racecourse. Messrs. J. C. Moth and Ernest D. Lowry were the Officers in charge, and the vehicles comprised in the convoy, with the names of drivers in parentheses, were as follow :— Albion van, Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd. (F. Barnes); Commerear bus, Commercial Cars, Ltd. (C. W. Parsons); Milnes-Daimler lorry, Commercial Car Hirers, Ltd. (R. Wells); two Milnes-Daimler vans, E. Nelson and Co, (J. English and A. E..Weodinan).

A convoy of Thornyeroft vehicles paraded on Sunday last, the 9th inst.,• at the same place, and proneeded to Ashtead Common. The officers on duty were Messrs. Shrapnell-Smith, F. G. Bristow, Ernest D. Lowry, and G. M. Young. The vehicles were lent by the following owners, and we give . the names of the drivers. in ,parentheses :—Aerated Candy. Co., Ltd., two vehicles (C. Barker. and S. _Reynolds) W. J. Bush arid Co.. Ltd. (J. Wincer); C. S. Duff and Co. (W. Anderson) ; J. G. and Sons (C. Chumley) ' . W. Jelks and Sons (J. Coleman); H. Gadson an Sons (J. Robins).


Well-known, Passengers on the " Lusitania."

Although he insists that they are identical with those of hundreds of others, the experiences of Mr. Charles T. Jeffery, a director of the' Thomas B. Jeffery Co.. during the sinking of the Lusitania,' are peculiarly interesting to readers of the " C.M.," on whose behalf we secured an interview at the Savoy Hotel on Monday morning.Mr. Jeffery was on the promenade deckwhen the vessel was first struck by the torpedo but did_ not consider that he need worry, as he felt confident that it would take four or five torpedoes at least to sink such a vessel, taking into account the fact of the number of watertight compartments which were part of her construction. He watched from a lower deck the women and children putting off in the boats but not until he saw a man take a:header from the, deck above into the water, did he even trouble to look out a lifebelt for his own use. Even then, he said, he took a stroll along to the stern where he thought that he would get a better view of what was taking -place. After thathe remembers only taking a last glance at the officer on the bridge, having an impression' at the same time of a huge explosion, he then found himself being sucked under by the vessel as it went down. On the first occasion he seemed to be under the water a long-time. He came up a second time and yet a third time before he waS able to take a deep breath and to feel that he was going to stay up. He was in the water altogether for about 3!, hours. The ship was struck shortly after 2 p.m.,and went down at about 2.30. Mr. Jeffery was picked up by a trawler at ten minutes past six the same evening. He had reserved a cabin on the "Lusitania " for the 15th.

We, with profound regret, have to record, as we go to press, the news that Mr. Guy Lewin, of Eriswells, and Mr. A. H. Norris Perry (known in the industry as Mr. A. Norris), late of Napiers and since associated with the Pierce-Arrow interests in England, are both posted as amongst the missing in this same catastrophe.

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