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n In the issue of CM published on

13th March 1970, Page 61
13th March 1970
Page 61
Page 61, 13th March 1970 — n In the issue of CM published on
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September 6 1968 I read the description of a new AEC passenger chassis called the Sabre. The chassis, which was fitted with the AEC 800 Series V8 diesel engine mounted at the rear, was, I believe, designed mainly for long-distance touring work. Since then I have neither seen nor heard any further reference to this model. Is this vehicle still in production and has anybody bought one?

A A spokesman for AEC has told CM that

the Sabre chassis is still offered by the company. The chassis described in September 1968 was a prototype, and to date none of this model has been ordered. However, the Sabre is still offered for any would-be purchasers, and indeed a brochure has been published describing the chassis and its specification. Production would begin on receipt of any orders from customers. This chassis is particularly aimed at the highquality touring market and the export market.


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