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Some New Ignition Specialities.

13th June 1907, Page 5
13th June 1907
Page 5
Page 5, 13th June 1907 — Some New Ignition Specialities.
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The various models and specialities lich are being marketed for 1907 by

e Electric Ignition Company, LimiI, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, are fficiently interesting to demand the tention of all motor vehicle owners. le latest E.I.C. contact breaker, aich we illustrate, is a strong corn:lation of a wipe contact, without its oornpanying excessive wear, and a ake-and-hreak, without its accom.nying "pitting up" troubles. All the rts which are exposed to wear are of .rdened steel, and, as the platinum ants rub slightly together when they she contact, they Lend to keep them

Ives clean. This form of contact eaker is equally suitable for use with trembler or non-trembler coil. The I.C. switch, made to fit into the dash-. ard, with only the switch face showg through the dashboard, looks ate a neat job. Three patms are made in this type of :itch. They are : {a) single way, for

e accumulator; (b) two way, for two cumulators; and (c) double ignition means of any type of magneto and gh-tension coil and accumulator. The ovingparts are enclosed in an ebon! case ensuring perfect insulation. This company was amongst the first the makers in the country to produce sound and reliable coil for ignition

purposes, and, year by year, it has improved the various features embodied in its manufacture, giving careful attention to the trembler, the platinum points, and the winding. Single coils for use with a high-tension distributor are made, as well as coils made up in cases to suit engines with any number of cylinders. Other specialities of this company's make include the E.I.C. sparking plugs, charging sets, and accumulator, the last named of which are made in a range of ten sizes, varying from 15 to too ampere-hours capacity; they are supplied in ebonite or celluloid cases.

The accumulators are of the " solid" t3pe,in which there are no plates; buckling is, therefore, impossible. The electrodes are made up of alternate layers of pellets of oxide of lead and of spongy lead. The pellets are hard and possess considerable porosity. High conductivity is claimed for this arrangement, in addition to the fact that the elements will stand considerable ill-usage.

The company has recently made some extensive alterations to its premises, including the building of an elaborate testing shop, through which all materials and finished goods will have to be passed. This further check on its products will make them even more reliable than their present good reputa tion implies. The E.I.C. is now so confident of the reliable nature of its manufactures that, with the institution of the testing shop, it proposes to give a two-year guarantee instead of the one year which has been the length of its guarantee up to the present. We do not know of any other company which gives one of such length.


Locations: Birmingham

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