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Traffic Census itt Sheffield.

13th August 1929, Page 49
13th August 1929
Page 49
Page 49, 13th August 1929 — Traffic Census itt Sheffield.
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The highways committee of Sheffield Corporation recently reported upon the traffic census which was taken during the month of June, in five principal thoroughfares. The average daily tonnage passing the counting points (exclusive of trams) and the corresponding figures at the previous count made at those places. (in 1923) are as follow :—

Furnival Road, 19,540 tons in 1923, 24,268 tons in 1929, an increase of 24 per cent. • The Wicker, 14,086 tons in 1923, 23,221 tons in 1929, an increase of 65 per cent.; The Moor, 8,065 tons in 1923, 15,370 tons in 1929, an inerease of 91 per cent.; Haymarket, 12,691 tons in 1923, 111,440 tons in 1929, an increase of 14 per cent.; Glossop Road, 7,443 tons in 1923, 13,184 tons in 1929, an increase of 77 per cent.

Figures giving the number of vehicles per day (excluding pedal Cycles) are interesting, especially as in two cases it is possible to make comparisons with statistics obtained in 1875:— Furnival Road, 3,988 in 1875, 6,674 in 1923 and 9,571 in 1929; Haymarket, 4,011 in 1875, 5,058 in 1923 and 6,959 in 1929.

Horsed traffic has continued to decrease. In 1923 the average daily number of horse-drawn vehicles passing the five points was 6,369. In 1929 the total was 3,731. In 1923 the horse-drawn traffic represented 16 per cent, of the tonnage—in 1929, about 61 per cent. • The highest percentage at any one point was in Furnival Road, where 13 per cent. of the traffic was horsedrawn, as against 27 per cent. in 1923.

Tea Concern Orders 200 Trojans.

An order has just been placed by Brooke Bond and Co., Ltd., the wellknown tea merchants, for a further 200 Trojan light delivery vans, bringing the company's fleet of such machines to well oier 1,000 vehicles.


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