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Minister of Transport's Silence Appeal.

13th August 1929, Page 48
13th August 1929
Page 48
Page 49
Page 48, 13th August 1929 — Minister of Transport's Silence Appeal.
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Although it has not proved possible to deal in the Motor Cars (Excessive Noise) Regulations, 1929, which came into force on August 1st, with the use of motor horns having an exceptionally strident and disturbing note, the Minister of Transport appeals to users of motor vehicles to refrain from using warning devices of this type.

Port Talbot Licences to be Withdrawn.

The Port Talbot (Glam.) Borough Council has decided to notify bus proPrietors operating between the town and Aberavon beach that their licences will not be renewed at the end of the year. 'The council has also decided to sanction the South Wales Transport Co., Ltd., to extend its services in the Maesteg district to Aberavon beach, six buses being thus employed.

The Roadways Time-table.

The first edition of the time-table issued by Roadway Time Tables, Ltd., of Regency House, Warwick Street, London, W.1, at the price of 6d., is certainly wonderful value for money. It is a most comprehensive work, comparing favourably in size with the Railway ABC. It contains a list of London booking offices, key and sectional maps covering the whole of the country, an index to towns, villages and other stopping places, occupying 80 pages, express-service tables covering 29-6 services and occupying 79 pages, and general tables dealing with 3,312 services and requiring 703 pages.

Included with each, copy, which totals considerably over 1,000 pages, is a free coupon-insurance ticket by which the purchaser is covered to the extent of £2.000 against a fatal accident while travelling by bus or coach in Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man..

It is probable that there will be eight issues of the time-table annually, as may be necessary to keep the tabular matter up to date.

United Dominions Trust Opens a New Branch.

A large gathering of influential traders and dealers from the district was present at the opening of a further branch of United Dominions Trust, Ltd., at 63, London Road, Southampton.

Mr. J. Gibson Jarvie, the managing director of this well-known banking concern, in the course of his address, stated that the twin problems facing Great Britain to-day were those of production and distribution. By means of ingenious mechanical developments we have been able to keep abreast of the latest engineering improvements. No one can say to-day that Great Britain is lagging behind so far as engineering efficiency is concerned, but the development of organized distribution, in which long-term credit plays a part, is essential for the business and economic salvation of the country. In order to create an exportable surplus of British merchandise the first essential is to stimulate home production by assisting in every possible way the distribution of goods.

The opening of this, the sixth branch office of the company, will enable it to offer even better facilities to trades in which long-term credit is suitable.

Demonstrating G.E.C. Electrical Units.

An accompanying illustration depicts an interesting mobile showroom, the basis of which is the Morris-Commercial 25-cwt. Super Chassis. The vehicle is operated by the United Service Transport Co., Ltd., of 143, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9, and the body was constructed to meet the requirements of this concern by Stewart and Ardern, Ltd., the well-known agent for Morris and Morris-Commercial vehicles. The van travels about the country demonstrating the uses of various products of the General Electric Co., Ltd.

The inside width of the body is 5 ft. 6 ins., whilst its length from the par

tition behind the driver's seat (which, incidentally, is wide enough comfortably to accommodate three persons) to the rear panel is 9 ft. The rear panel of the body is fixed and access to the interior is gained through a sliding door in the forward bulkhead. The portion of the seat which obstructs the entrance may be lifted out of position to allow the potential buyer to enter; it may then be replaced.

The electrical units which are on view are so arranged that they may be operated. The interior of the body is wired throughout and four plugs into which inspection lamps may be fitted for scrutinizing the equipment are situated at appropriate points. Ample lig,hting and ventilation are provided.

• A particularly interesting number of " The 'Sentinel. Transport News" is -that devoted to the gas industry.

The Equipment and Engineering Co., Ltd., has received an order from the National Omnibus and Transport Co., Ltd., for a Luehard high-pressure air compressor and a set of compressed-air cylinders for tyre inflation.

The 89th annual show of the Royal Agricultural •Society of England will be held at Manchester from Tuesday, July 8th, to Saturday, July 12th, 1930.

In dealing with the luxury coach of G.B. (Motor Tours), Ltd., in our issue for last week, we omitted to state that the coachwork was by Duple Bodies and Motors, Ltd.

New. London-Manchester Line.

London Coastal Coaches, Ltd., announces the inauguration by the Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co., Ltd., and the North Western Road Car Co., Ltd., of a joint service between London and Manchester by way of Coventry and Birmingham. The service was instituted on Friday, August 2nd, from Manchester, and on the following day from London.

Coaches leave Lupus Street, London, daily, including Sundays, at 8.30 a.m., arriving at Manchester about 7 p.m. An afternoon coach leaving London at 5 o'clock travels as far as Birmingham, arriving, there about 11 p.m. The departure from Manchester is at 8.45 a.m., the coach arriving in London about 7 p.m. Another coach leaving Birmingham at 9 a.m. arrives at London at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Manchester and Birmingham are linked by one coach daily in each direction, the north-bound vehicle leaving Birmingham at 9 a.m. and the southbound vehicle leaving Manchester at

4 p.m., the journey between these two towns occupying about four hours. The fares between London and Birmingham are 10s. single and 16s. return, whilst those between London and Manchester are 15s. single and 25s. return.

Bus Owners Sued for Road Damage.

Recently, in the Dublin Circuit Court, the Galway County Council sued the Connemara Omnibus Co. for damage to roads by motorbuses. In the first case £200 damages were claimed and in the second case £240. The actions were in the nature of test cases,

and were brought under the Public „ Roads Act (Ireland) of 1911. Judgment was given for the plaintiffs, decrees for MO in the first case and for £60 in the second being granted.

The judge said that, having considered the judgments given in similar cases in England, he decided in favour of the plaintiffs. A stay of execution pending an appeal was granted.

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