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13th August 1929, Page 45
13th August 1929
Page 45
Page 45, 13th August 1929 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of invitations to the third party.

Of much road transport share hunting.

Of some excessively slippery roads lately.

Of the suggestion that powdered rubber from tyre-wear on dry roads is the cause.

That whatever the reason, much skilful driving was required from the men on buses and lorries.

That the H. of C. and the S.E. are both motor shy.

Of some little disturbance in the insurance dove cotes. 0 The mouth of the railway now talking through the land, That motorbus competition in Scotland is to be thinned out.

It's soon to be a case of "Eat or be eaten" in many motorbus zones.

That chromium plating pays its extra cost by keeping its appearance.

That the railways have been existing on what the roads could not do.

That safety glass may possibly be rivalled by an organic substitute—but not yet awhile.

It's recognized to be still a far cry to home-produced motor spirit on any large and commercial scale That before long there will be schedules of maximum and minimum mileage rates by motorbus according to ,railway agreed zones. It's bodywork that tells, as in boxing.

That large fares can be obtained for the hire of small motor sleepers.

That safety is a matter of degree—particularly in the case of the thermostat.

That severity of tyre competition in Madeira is exceeded only by that of running conditions there.

Of millions travelling in comfort and safety by motorbus and coach during the holiday week-end.

That the C.M.U.A. 25th Anniversary Banquet in London (Savoy Hotel) on the 15th October will be a memorable occasion.

That if a coachbuilder followed all the advice as to safety doors and other exits his products would have no sides, back or roof Of numerous railway officials who Were at least nominally surprised by the size of No. 1 of Roadway Time Tables now on sale.

That hiring contractors will find more work for motor sleepers to carry two live persons than for motor hearses to carry one dead.

That when new motor legislation does in fact occupy the time of Parliament it's "to speed, or not to speed" that will take the time.

That it should pay saloon-coach proprietors to connect London with various first-class regular mail steamers and motor vessels berthing at Southampton, That with Mr. Herbert Morrison at the Ministry of Transport the case for a suitable high-level bridge over the Thames at or near Woolwich will get a push forward.


Organisations: Ministry of Transport
Locations: Southampton, London

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