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The Wheels of Industry.

13th August 1914
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Page 7, 13th August 1914 — The Wheels of Industry.
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The War of necessity has this week crowded out customary and the conclusion of several artieles and reports.

Topical Subjects.

AVar and its effects are the chief -topics of conversation and correspondence. We direct attention to r he special index on the first page of this issue. The immediate duty of the leaders of the civilian poputatiou is to take all feasible and possible steps to keep the wheels of .industry in motion. We are tryiag to do our share.

Credit where Credit is Good.

A few members of the industry appear to have lost their heads, pessibly under great stress of cir

en iii in demanding cash before deli cry front old-standing and soh ent customers. No surer way of losing their connections can be invoked. Everybody is entitled to make exceptions where financial weakness has existed, because that earlier state of affairs may now presage immediate collapse, but we have in mind demands of a very different character.

Replacement Orders.

We refrain from publishing a list of names of owners whose businesses have been affected by the calling-up or commandeering of their commercial motors. All trades have suffered in common. We strongly reeommend those who have lest their plant to place immediate orders with makers. If they cannot get three-ton petrol vehicles readily. they should consider the claims of steam anew. The three-ton rubber-tired steamer is a splendid running vehicle, and most economical.

Nominal Sizes of Rims.

The 'Engineering Standards Committee has issued an interim report on British standards of rim diameters for solid. tires. The following diameters have been accepted be the Tire Section and the Commercial Vehicle Section of the S..M.M.T.: 070 mine 720 ram., 741 mm., 771 nun., MO nun., 881 nim. The sdbeeetimittee holqi; the vies\ that se facilitate the removal of the tires the rims should be provided with the necessary slots in the flanges (preferably four, equally spayed .around the rim), mid that where a continuous inturaed flange is um used suitable supporting pads should be provided. The sub-cemmittee is also of opinion that a reasonable lead, to facilitate the pressing on of the tire, should he provided on the outer edge of the rim. Suitable tolerances, to be allowed on the standard rinediarneters, have yet to be settled.

The Secretary of the War Office eamounees that the Naval and Military aeronautical engine competition is now closed, and that the results will be published shortly.

Steam to the Rescue.

The Government has already turned to tractor makers for supplies of additional transport, but steam wagons so far remain the certain stand-by of the commercial owner.

L.G.O.C. Resources.

The Government has no immediate occasion to contemplate upsetting the activities of the L.G.O.C. as London's premier passengercarrying undertaking, whilst fully cognizant of the wonderful resources which are at its disposal, through that organization, in case of necessity.

Ferodo Sales.

We published a paragraph in cair issue of the 23rd ult., re sales of Ferodo. The reference in that paragraph to the reversion, of the L.G.O.C. to the use of Ferodo, or any other asbestic lining, for the brakes of its London motorbuses, was based upon wrong information. We regret the inaccuracy and now wish to correct it.

More Motor Mails.

The Surveyor for the Northeastern District, G.P.O., Leeds, asks tenders for the conveyance of mails between Nreweastle-on-Tyne and Bedlington, over routes varying in length between 31 miles and 46!_elsuiTes, fm a period of three years. Tenders must be posted not later than the 31st, inst., and provision made for amaximum load of JO ewt. of mails. Proposals and Purchases.

Bradford Guardians are about to purchase a motor ambulance.

Hendon U.D.C. is about to purchase a first-aid tractor and a, second motor fire-engine.

Tenders for' the purchase of two motor fire-engines by the Middleton Town Council must be lodged on or before Tuesday next.

Croydon Tramways Committee wants a motor tower wagon ; it has bought a Tilling-Stevens petrolelectric, 10-seated omnibus, at £550.

The Cleansing Committee of the Dublin Corporation has ordered an Alldays and Onions motor watering east, at £780.

Daimler motorbuses have been ordered by the Corporations of Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Reading.

The Highways Committee of the Rotherham Town Council has bought a Foden steam wagon, at go80.

Halley's Dividend.

The directors of Halley's Indus trial Motors, Ltd., have declared an interim divideed of 10 per cent. per annum, less income tax, for the half-year ended the 30th June last.

Machining for the Trade.

Jas. Bartle and Co., engineers and machinists, Western Iron Works, Notting Hill, notify us that they can at. short notice undertake the manufacture of further hatches of commercial-vehicle spare parts of all kinds.

The Road Board's Chance.

The Road Board is about to accelerate its rate of ,expenditure, Especially upon large schemes, in order to provide employment. Tine; the whole motor industry will con .tribute in more senses than -one to keep the wheels of the nation's industries in motion.

Petrol. Prices.

Official dt'n,, tad' have been issued by the petrol-importingcompanies, regarding local excesses in the matter of price. The Motor Trade Association explains that panic buying.: on thetipar4of consumers has been the chief cause, and that this has brought about a shortage of tins ; it adds that " no tins " niaans " no petrol." The M.T.A. has also issued a circular prohibiting the trade, under pain of the Association's stop list, from adding more -than 3d. per gallon to the wholesale cost. It is suggested that dealers should not give delivery of petrol in tins except in exchange for a corresponding number of empty tins.

Siuth Parfrey and Co. can deliver Clayton and Shuttleworth steam wagons within five weeks.

A new two-ton McCurd was last week delivered to Yeomans, the contractors and carriers, of Canter. bury, who own several Commercars.

The London General Omnibus Co. has written to the Wevbriege Urban District Council asking to know the reasons why its application for licences has been refused. The letter has been referred to the General Purposes Committee.

The Road Board has notified highway authorities that, as any traffic census taken at the present time would not show normal figures, it is considered desirable to postpone the work of census taking in connection with the proposed classification of roads.

The Fire Brigade Committee of Weybridge Urban District Council has considered the tenders received for the supply of a motor fire-engine, but the matter has been deferred until the next meeting, in order that a sub-committee may in the meantime inspect the various makes. The L.G.B. inquiry, re the purchase of a motor fire-engine by the Teignmouth U.D.C., will be held to-morrow (Friday).

Spare Parts for Imported Magnetos.

Simms Motor Units, Ltd., 191, Wardour Street, London, W., notifies us that in consequence of the present situation, and the extreme difficulty which users requiring spare parts for imported magnetos would experience, the concern has made special arrangements to produce replace parts on a large scale for all types of foreign-made magnetos. The repair department has also been strengthened to cope with all demands that may arise, and a three, six,twelve and twenty-four-hour repair service has been established to meet any particular requirements.

Special Constables.

Many L.G.O.C. garage officials are being enrolled as special constables for duty at their own depots.

Kensington Seeks an Injunction.

The Kensington Borough Council --or to be more accurate some of its members—has a grievance against certain owners of steam wagons. The council is applying for an injunction against a wellknown London contractor, and the case is likely to come before the Courts about November next. The statement of claim alleges that particular steel-tired steam vehicles are "a public nuisance," and asks that the owner shall be restrained from using them "upon any highway in the Royal Borough of Kensington." The case will be of far reaching importance to all manufacturers and owners.

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