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Change to Oil n Municipal Vehicles

12th November 1954
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Page 46, 12th November 1954 — Change to Oil n Municipal Vehicles
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Preview of Public Works, Cleansing and Maintenance Vehicles to be• Seen at Olympia Next Week

OIL engines are now firmly established as the principal type of power unit for municipal vehicles. This will be evident on Monday when the Public Works and Municipal Services Exhibition opens at Olympia, London. The Exhibition will remain open for the week.

A wide selection of public-cleansing and works vehicles will be displayed, including road rollers, dumpers, tar sprayers, trailers of various types, and snow-clearing equipment No strikingly new vehicles are expected, but several of the latest versions of well-known models will be on view for the first time.

A new lightweight refuse collector, powered by a Perkins P4 oil engine, is one of two vehicles which will be shown by Dennis Bros., Ltd., Guildford, on Stand 120 N. The engine and radiator are set well back in the cab, making access to the driver's seat possible from both sides, and providing room for two men in addition to the driver. Air is taken into the radiator from a grille in the front through trunking beneath the cab floor plates.

al 2 The all-steel 7-cu.-yd. body is Rtted with two sliding shutters on each side and is tipped by hydraulic gear.

The Dennis Vulture, which will also be exhibited, is a front-loading, selfpacking refuse collector with a capacity of 18-20 cu.. yd. Refuse is packed by a hydraulically operated loader-plate inside the front hopper, The body is tipped to a high angle by hydraulically operated rams which Are set wide apart to give good stability.

No new vehicles are to be shown by the Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd., Eagle Works, Warwick, but all the vehicles on their stand ((08 N) will embody recent modifications. These vehicles Will include a Compressmore 18-cu.-yd. rear-loading refuse body on a semitrailer and a 7-cu.-yd. end-tipping refuse body On a Bedford 2-ton longwheelbase chassis, ,

A 750-800-gallon gully and cesspit emptier, a quarry dumper and a threestage tower wagon will constitute the remaining exhibits on the Eagle stand.

A 41-cu.-yd. bulk-refuse collector will form the main item on the stand of Glover, Webb and Liversidge, Ltd., 561 Old Kent Road, London, S.E.1 (Stand 61 0). This vehicle, which is based on a Foden F.G.6/15 chassis, has an all-steel moving floor to effect discharge. Two smaller refuse collectors will be seen on this stand. They both employ Karrier chassis. The 18-cu.-yd. model is built on the Gamecock and the 10-cu.-yd. version on the Bantam.

Karrier Motors Ltd., Luton (Stand 69 0), now offer their Karrier-Transport Loadrnaster 25-cu.-yd. refuse collector with die Commer T.S.3 twostroke oil engine. It is rated at 105 b.h.p. for this vehicle and is used, in its derated form (75 b.h.p.), also for the Gamecock refuse collector. These vehicles are also available with petrol engines, and so is the Karrier

Yorkshire road sweeper collector, although the model shown will have a Perkins P6 oil engine, Also based on the Gamecock chassis, a Karrier Yorkshire 750-gallon gully-emptier is to be displayed.

A sprinkler-sweeper-collector to be exhibited on the stand (105 N) of Lewin Road Sweepers, Ltd., West Bromwich, is constructed on an Austin 11-ft. 7-in.wheelbase chassis. The B.M.C. 3.4-litre direct-injection oil engine is the power . unit, All the operations of this versatile product are controlled by the driver from his seat.

A mechanical orderly, 4 ft. 9 in. wide, which is equipped with main and channel brushes and hydraulic tipping gear, and has a refuse capacity of 3 Cu. yd., is also to be shown on the Lewin stand. another one-man-control machine. The power unit is a Perkins P3 oil engine.

Shelvoke and Drewry, Ltd., Letchworth, will display three refuse collectors, two -cesspooketnptiers arid a heavy-duty forklift truck (Stand 117 N). One of the refuse collectors is a development of the fore-and-aft tipper produced by this company, and has not previously been seen at this Exhibition. This is the S.D. -container bulk loader, which is designed to handle laden containers weighing up to a ton. It may also be used for ordinary house-toLhouse collection from standard bins, Two battery electric refuse collectors are to he shown, one by Sidney Hole's Electric Vehicles, London Road, Withdean. Brighton, 6, on Stand 273 GG, and the other on Stand 157 E of the Harborough Construction Co.. Ltd., 'Market Harborough.

Another battery-electric will be seen on the Lewin stand. This is a small sweeper with a brush width of 3 ft. •It sweeps, colic cts refuse and sprinkles water.

A selection of roadmaking and construction vehicles is to be on show, a number for the first time.

Avefing and Barford, Ltd., Grantham. are to have two new products displayed on .Stands 86 G and 72 0, a road Miler and a dumper. Both are powered -by oil engines. The roller is built in two sizes, with working weights (unballasted) of 24 tons and 3* tons. A twocylindered vertical water-cooled oil .engine drives through a constant-mesh gearbox which gives the machine two speeds, 2 m.p.h. and 4.12 m.p.h„ in forward and reverse directions. The linal drive is by worrn and worn-wheel,

al 4 and the unit incorporates a differential .gear which can be locked from the driving seat.

A Leyland 0-600 oil engine is used to power the new dumper, which is intended for heavy duty. The capacity is 71 cu. yd. and the engine output is .150 b.h.p. at 2,200 which gives the dumper a maximum speed of 21.8 m.p.h.

Dumpers of new design are also to be exhibited by Chaseside Engineering Co., Ltd., Hertford (Stand 44 G); Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd., Warwick (Stand 108 N); E. Boydell and Co., Ltd., Old Trafford, Manchester, 16 (Stand 28 0); Road Machines (Drayton), Ltd., West Drayton (Stand 80 0), and Witlor, Ltd., Birmingham, 4 (Stand 127 N). Several of the models will be powered by oil engines.

• A new digger, to be known as the Mathro Tracta Digger, will be shown by Mathew Bros., Ltd., Wallington, on Stand 161 E. This machine is claimed to be the first completely selfcontained, hydraulically operated excavator on wheels. It is capable of digging trenches 12 ft. deep, and shovelling 17 ft. forward. The stewing crane can carry up to 10 ewt. and will turn 70' to the left or right.

The boom, dipper stick, bucket, slew and sprag are all controlled from the driver's seat. Buckets 12 in. to 36 in. wide can be accommodated, the standard size being 24 in., which .holds 5 Cuft. Total weight of the .machine is 41 tons and it has a turning radius of 156 in. The power unit is the Ford

40 b.h.p. oil engine.

Tar-spraying and road-heating equipment will constitute the major part of the display on Stand 77 G, which will be occupied by Johnston Bros. (Contractors), Ltd., London, E.C.3. • The exhibits will include a Superspray 1,000-gallon pressure distributor for tar, bitumen or cold emulsions. The spraying unit will be shown mounted on a Thames Sussex six-wheeled chassis, but it can be supplied on other chassis if desired.

Specialized Trailers

Johnston Bros. will also include trailers in their presentation. One of these is a tar-spraying unit and another is a power-suction scavenger for clearing leaves and litter. Whilst the model to be shown can be towed behind any normal lorry, the unit is available in articulated form and can also be mounted direct on to a chassis.

The Steel Handtrack and Trailer Co., Ltd., 9 Ethelred Street, London, S.E.11, will stage a display of trailers of up to I-ton capacity on Stand 238 GG. A trailer chassis will be shown together with complete trailers, the steel bodywork of which is made completely independent of the chassis until final assembly. Advantages of extra strength and reduced maintenance are claimed for this method of construction.

A low-loading salvage trailer is to be on the stand of Glover, Webb and Liversidge, Ltd. It has a capacity of 41 cu. yd. Independent suspension is used for all wheels.

Removing Slush

A towed device to be exhibited by Johnston Bros. is used for the removal of slush resulting from melting snow, and a snow plough will be seen on the Steel Handtruck stand, This plough is called the Gem Bar, and can be fitted to sweeper-collector vehicles otherwise immobilized during snowy weather.

A well-equipped mobile workshop semi-trailer will be exhibited by Petbow, Ltd., Sandwich, on Stand 163 E. Oil engines are incorporated in the three generator sets which are mounted on the trailer. This unit can also be supplied by the company as a drawbar trailer.

Claimed to be the largest mixer of its type produced in this country, the 41-cu.-yd. truck-type mixer will form an interesting exhibit on the stand of Ransomes and Rapier, Ltd., Ipswich (46 G). Smaller truck mixers will also be shown.

Two of the papers of interest to transport operators, which are to be read during the Congress, will be summarized in next week's issue of The Commercial Motor.