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12th July 1921, Page 31
12th July 1921
Page 31
Page 31, 12th July 1921 — ROADSIDE AND GARAGE.
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A Page for Drivers, Mechanics and Foremen.

A Radius Rod Repair.

he sender of the following communicaticm, has beer: awarded the extra payment of 5s. this week.

[2253] " (Barnsley) writes:— " We used to have a lot of trouble with a certain three-ton chain-driven lorry, which was for ever breaking its radius rod. The first time it broke I was five miles from home. I tried in the begin /ling to gat along without attempting any repair, driving slowly and steadily. This was all right so long as the.road surface Was good and the going easy, but so soon as we came to a bit of bad road we met with trouble because the driving chain on the side on which the rod was broken

kept coming off. •

" The rod tian actually broken right close up to the small end at the part where it was screWed to accommodate

the adjusting rod. Eventually. I man. aged to effect a temporary repair with the aid of a screw-jack. I fastened a block of wood about 6 ins:square to the bas?, of the jack, rested this against the. end of the broken radius rod and screwed the jack out until, with the chain properly tightened, the upper end of the jack bore against the lug for the radius rod just behind the small driving sprocket. Thus equipped I was able to get home, losing only about an hour and a half."

A Road Spring Clamp.

[2254] " A.G.R " tKennington) writes :—" When overhauling a chassis recently one of the things that had to be dome was to fit the rear springs with new centre bolts. We got the springs down all right, cleaned them up and greased them, and had the new centre bolt made; but when it came to putting the new bolts in the springs, we found ourselves up against it,' for nowhere in the place had we a vice which would open widely enough to accommodate the rear springs in their loose condition.

"I therefore made a special clamp for them and for other jobs of a like nature. I think this clamp is fairly well illustrated by the accompanying sketch. The U-bolt is 1 in. square, screwed at each end, for a length of 11 ins., in. Whitworth. There are two cross plates, The upper one is drilled at the end to accommodate the U-bolt, • to which it is firmly secured, while in the centre it is tapped 1 in. Whitworth. , The other plate is slotted at the ends, so that it will slide up and down on the U-bolt, while in the oentrelit is drilled in. It only now remains to describe the screw, which is made of 1in, material, turned down at one end to in. diameter, and riveted to the sliding plate; flattened near the other end and drilled to accommodate a tomrny bar, while for the rest

of its length it ig screwed 1 in. Whitworth. This clamp is just slipped over the spring and located as near as possible to the hole for the centre bolt. It is then screwed up, squeezing the spring inside it, until the leaves are sufficiently close together to alloW -the centre bolt to be put in and to project sufficiently for it to take the nut."

A Novel Lathe Fitting.

[2255] " d.R." (West Africa.) writes:— "A short time ago we had a differential gear in for repair, of which one of the pinions was badly worn in the bore, the

hole being actually coial. Fortunately, there was plenty of metal available, and it was decided to rebore the part and fit it with a bush. When it came to doing the job, however' I found myself in difficulty. We had not a small lathe, nor had we a chuck for our large lathe.small enough to acommodate the pinion. The method of overcoming this difficulty may interest the readers of your ' Roadside and Garage' page, who may some day be in a similar predicament. "I happened to have a clamps handy, with square cagesand V notches in the middle. I drilled these to take two setscrews so that I could grip the boss of the pinion between the two Va. I was able then to bolt this pair of clamps up to the face plate of the lathe in such a manner as to allow of the pinion itself being adjusted so that I could set it true off the teeth."

Lamps Alight.

On Saturday, July 16th, light your lamps at 9.39 in London, 10.2 in Newcastle, 0.50 in Birmingham, 10.16 in Edinburgh, 10.0 in Liverpool, 9.49 in Bristol, and 10.43 in Dublin.

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