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We all want fewer deaths

12th December 2013
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Page 2, 12th December 2013 — We all want fewer deaths
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Last week's story about a cyclist who was killed by a truck has generated a lot of interest. Author Chris Druce received positive feedback from readers, as did the haulier involved. ELB Partners MD Peter Eason tells us that he's had correspondence from several people expressing solidarity. But it seems not everyone is happy with our reporting. It also appears that most of the people who aren't happy

didn't actually read the story! Over the weekend Chris received a barrage of tweets from disgruntled cyclists, apparently stirred-up by a story that appeared on the Bike Biz website. Comments like ''how many truck drivers get killed by cyclists?" and nI get angry when a cyclist is killed and it gets blamed on the 'blind spot', drivers need to look!" were voiced in an explosion of anger that gave little scope for reasoned debate. We contacted the editor of Bike Biz and offered to take him out in a truck in London during the rush hour, but he declined the invitation. This is a huge pity because we're keen to have a dialogue and educate as many cyclists as possible. After all, we all want the same thing fewer deaths on our roads. Will Shiers Editor

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