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Operating Aspects of

12th April 1932, Page 56
12th April 1932
Page 56
Page 56, 12th April 1932 — Operating Aspects of
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An Answer to the Associa tion s Representations

MHE Motor Hirers and Coach Seri_ vice., Association has received from the Minister of Transport a reply to further representations made on February 22nd last.

The Association pointed out that an increase to 35 m.p.h. in the maximum legal speed for public-service vehicles was necessary. It also emphasized the fact that improvements in vehicle design since publication of the Royal Commission's report should be taken into consideration, and submitted that retention of the present speed limit would undoubtedly retard the progress of design. The Minister, however, could add nothing to his previous observa tions on the matter. • On the question of applications to

vary the limitations on drivers' hours, the Minister said that under the Conciliation Act, 1806,the Conciliation Board may be either for a district or trade, and it appears that an application by such a Board for a particular district would be sufficient to found the Minister's jurisdiction. He takes the view, however, that once his powers have been set in motion by a proper application, he can vary the periods only for the whole country.

The Association pointed out that the railway companies are allowed to make representations with regard to coach and bus fares, and when these have been fixed the railways may undercut them. The Minister retorted that it is always open to operators to apply for a variation of licence conditions.

The M.H.C.S.A. reminded the Minister that the Commissioners have, in many instances, limited the number of vehicles to be used, and submitted that a condition of this nature was a complete contradiction of the spirit of the Act, but the Minister could not add anything to a previous statement.

The Association called attention to the need for direct services to football grounds, dog tracks, dance halls, etc., but Mr. Pybus considered that the question of granting licences for such services should be determined on ties merits of each case.


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