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TRUCK CRIME THE PROBLEM Many of the speakers outlined the

11th November 2010
Page 26
Page 26, 11th November 2010 — TRUCK CRIME THE PROBLEM Many of the speakers outlined the
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magnitude of truck crime 41 their sector or country, as such attacks are common on unprotected vehicles parked overnight in lay-bys or industrial estates. Thorsten Neumann, chairman of TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association), the trade body for shippers and freight forwarders, warned that cargo crime is a major issue: "This is a very high-value, attractive business for criminals and they will adapt and react to whatever measures you put in place," he said. "There is no finishing line. It is all about continuous improvement — when you secure one area, they will find another vulnerability Your vehicles are at risk when your drivers are at rest," he added.

TAPA supported Label, Neumann added: "We must keep the standards up to date; the truck parks need to be audited against clear standards and please, make the focus on security, not well-being. A secure driver is a safe driver and well-being will derive from that' Arthur Romanowski is an expert in truck crime at Europol and said much more could be done throughout Europe to tackle the problem. Eur000l is committed to "applying the brakes to cargo crime", he said. Organised crime has become sophsticated, "We are seeing bogus logistics companies tendering and winning contracts without any intention of delivering the goods," he explained. "Staged accidents and forced stops are well known, and we also have instances of moving vehicle attacks with criminals entering the truck and discharging the load."

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