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I The Purchase Department.

11th March 1915, Page 19
11th March 1915
Page 19
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Page 19, 11th March 1915 — I The Purchase Department.
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You Can Get It At . " K.F." (Windsor).—The W.D.-pattern of angleiron hoops and ridge poles can be obtained from Jas. 13artle and Co., Western Ironworks, Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, W.

" Repairers " (Haverfordwest).-So far as we can ascertain you will be able to obtain the ignition tubes for gas en,,,oines from Messrs. Johnson and Phillips, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.

Tow Ropes.

Herbert Terry and Sons, Ltd., reminds us that it is now in a position to give deliveries of large quantities of powerful tow ropes. They are fitted with spring shock absorbers, and are supplied with end thimbles. Further particulars can be obtained from the company's works at Redditch.

The Columbia Engine.

A new engine, of American origin, has recently been placed on the home market by Markt and Co. (London), Ltd., 88-100, Clerkenwell Road, E.C., the wellknown agents for many useful American accessories. The new power unit, it is interesting to note, is supplied complete with self-starting and lighting generator, but we understand that these can be dispensed with should they not be required. It works on the usual Otto cycle, and has its four cylinders cast en bloc. The bore and stroke are respectively 31ins. by 4+ ins., giving a piston displacement of 141 cubic ins. The cylinder head is detachable, thus affording access to the piston tops and valves. The Columbia unit is rated at 17 h.p. at 1000 r.p.m.

The crankshaft is carried on three bearings, all of good size ; the connecting-rod big-ends are also ample for the load they will be called upon to carry. The valves have cast-iron heads with steel stems, and are totally enclosed in a case which can readily be detached. Adjustable tappets are provided.

A Sehebler carburetter is fitted as standard, whilst ignition is effected by means of a Splitdorf magneto. No water pump is provided, the cooling water. being circulated by therm o-syphonic action. The drive for the magneto, camshaft and starting generator is by silent chains ; these chains run in oil, and provision is made for adjustment.

The whole unit, including the gearbox, is totally enclosed. The gearbox, which provides for three forward speeds and a reverse, is attached to the housing for the clutch by means of a circular flange, which allows the transmission unit to Be independently withdrawn. The change-speed lever is mounted centrally over the gearbox itself. An emergency brake lever and foot pedals are provided. The clutch is of the four-plate type, two asbestos wire-woven plates alternating with two steel plates.

A motor of this type should be particularly useful_ for light delivery van purposes, where a cheap, fairly powerful and reliable engine is necessary. Further interesting details can be obtained from Markt and Co., 98-100, Clerkenwell Road, E.C., where an example of the Columbia engine can be inspected.

An Efficient Tool-shaping Machine—Taps and Dies.

Of considerable interest to the garage proprietor. doing a fair amount of repairs and renewals is the Lumsden combination tool grinder. One of the biirgest items in the upkeep charges of such an establishment is the cost of the necessary tools for use on lathes, shapers, etc. These tools cannot be purchased outside, but must be made at home, often under very unfavourable conditions, resulting in a considerable increase in cost without any corresponding increase in quality. The above-mentioned machine has been placed on the market with a view to enabling the small shop. to produce cutting tools of high quality at a cost which will compare favourably with that ruling in many large works.

It consists, broadly speaking, of a first-class tool: sharpening machine, combined with a. universal shaping device, which will enable all the most frequently used tools to be rapidly made with a complete elimination of most of the forging that has heretofore been considered an essential part of tool production.

This tool is marketed by Alfred Herbert, lad., Cov.entry.

From the same source the American-made Carpenter taps and dies may also be purchased. An interesting c.atalogue of these very necessary appliances is just to hand. Interested persons should apply fora copy. Light Up Your Lamps At

6.55 on Thursday ; 6.56 on Friday ; 6.58 on Saturdays 7.1 on Monday ; 7.3 on Tuesday ; 7.5 on Weday.

A Drilling Attachment for a Lathe.

The sender of the following communication has been awarded the 10s. prize this week.

116041 " J . M. A. Y." (Walthamstow) writes : — "There must be many small garages which do not include a large back-geared drilling machine in their equipment. The usual method of drilling anything too large for the ordinary sensitive drill is to clamp the part on to the lathe face plate, and hold the drill by means of the tailstock or the toolreat. Occasionally, however, it so happens that the piece is of such a

shape that it is impossible to swing it in the ordinary lathe.

"A description of the following method, which I have found useful in similar cases, will very likely be useful to other readers of the 'D. and M.' pages. "One or two extra fitments are necessary before this method can be adopted. The sketch enclosed [which we have had redrawn.—En.] shows a centre for the fathe face plate bored and at the other end to receive the tailstoa spindle, to which it is fastened by means of a clamp. "When it is required to drill some such object as that mentioned, the face plate is attached to the tailstock spindle as shown, and the work placed approximately in the centre, being fastened by bolts and plates in the usual manner. "By revolving this plate or by moving the tailstock over, as is done when turning a cone, the centre of the hole can be brought exactly opposite the centre of the headstock. The drill is placed in the centre bore of the headstock mandril. and the carrier tightened on the plain end. It is then possible to drill the work. The feed can be put on either by hand or it can be arranged to be automatic. In the latter case it will be necessary to place packing pieces slightly thicker than the lathe bed under the base of the tailstock, as shown in the sketch. If the clamping bolt be now tightened the stock will slide freely along the bed. By placing it in front of the lathe saddle, using the ordinary self-acting screw feed, the saddle will push the tailstock forward and feed the work on to the drill in quite a satisfactory manner. If it is desired, either a four-jaw or self-centring chuck can be used instead of the face plate."

A Temporary Magneto Repair.

[1605] " A.W.E." (Goodmayes, Essex) writes I

send you herewith an account of a temporary repair, which I effected some time ago, and which prevented a delay of some hours. "While driving in the country the car suddenly came to a standstill. On examination I found the trouble was owing to the breakage of the rocker arm spring of the magneto contact breaker. Unfortunately I had no spare, nor had I even a piece of steel from which I could fashion a temporary one. Further, this misfortune overtook me when I was five miles from any garage. "After a little thought the following idea occurred to me. I found in my pocket a small elastic band. By winding a piece of thin copper wire round the platinum screw and another similar piece round the rocker arm I was able, by attaching it to these pieces of wire, to utilize the rubber band as a. spring. "The sketch enclosed [which we have had re-drawn. ---En.] will perhaps better illustrate my meaning.

"I left the contact breaker cover off in case it should foul the rubber, and then made an attempt to start the engine. I was overjoyed to find that one turn was sufficient for this, and I was able to continue my journey after a delay of only 15 minutes."


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