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New tangled gimmicks

11th July 1996, Page 32
11th July 1996
Page 32
Page 32, 11th July 1996 — New tangled gimmicks
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uy a new Citroen and you will receive, free, a wizard hi-tech toy, Auto Manager. It comes in the form of a computer disc and is designed to enable small businesses to manage their fleets more effectively through analysing cost control, depreciation, service costs, repair charges, fuel charges and cost per mile. There is a little surprise in store, however: the disc self destructs after 30 days. I have it on good authority that the cars lost a bit longer than that. As far as the Hawk's concerned, I don't need such new fangled gimmicks to manage my Fleet, to wit, one Reliant Robin: I just wind her up in the usual way and off she goes.

Not all motoring innovations turn out to be all that they're cracked up to be. Hands up all those who've got radio controlled keys that Foil to open their cars. This irritating development has been brought about by the fact that the keys are subject to radio interference which blocks out their ability to open vehicles: radio hams and local FM frequencies are getting the blame but, really, sometimes technology can be too clever for its own good.


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