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11th April 1912, Page 10
11th April 1912
Page 10
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Page 10, 11th April 1912 — News and Comment.
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This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses.

We are informed, on excellent authority, that there will be a general railway strike about midsummer.

Our article on carburetters, which will undoubtedly be of interest to many owners, as well as to drivers and mechanics, is completed on pages 108 and 109.

Topical Subjects.

Our leading articles this week concern the following topical subjects: • • Lights on motorvans ;"

" Projecting trainrails ; " Statistics of fatal accidents ; " " Differential insurance rates ; " " The next commercial show ;" "Poor Horses" and " Publicity by Motorvan."


Following a "One Hears" which we published several weeks ago, Mr. Henry Sturmey again deals in our columns with the important question of self-starters. At the moment, only one vehicle, the Adams, is advertised as being equipped with thig convenient type of fitting. but it may be anticipated that manufacturers will give increasing attention to it in the immediate future.

Arrol-Johnston, Ltd,

The directors of the New ArrolJohnston Car Co., Ltd., have decided to put the company into voluntary liquidation for the purpose of re-construction. This decision has been taken in order to strengthen and re-arrange the company's financial resources in view of

its increasing business. We are asked to state that this actiorion the part of the directors will in no way affect the carrying on of the business of the company, but that it should put it in a more workable position to increase the output and otherwise to meet the demands which may be made upon it. When re-constructed the company will be known as Arrol-Johnston, Ltd.

Ambulance Savings.

The Engineering Committee of the Brentford Board of Guardians considers that motors cost 2id. per mile for ambulance work, compared with 5d. a mile for horse vehicles. It is convinced that the substitution of mechanical power for horse power is the right course to follow, and tenders are to be invited for two motor ambulances, without further delay.

MilnesoDaimler Sales.

Recent sales of Milnes-Daimler vehicles include the following : three five-ton lorries to the Great Western Railway ; two three-ton omnibus chassis to the Great North of Scotland Railway ; a five-ton lorry to Messrs. Sainsbury and Sons ; a twoton lorry to Messrs. Buchanan and Co. ; and a four-ton lorry to Spicer Bros., Ltd. At an extraordinary general meeting of thr•, members of the Economic Motor Express, Ltd., held at the Old Bull Hotel, Church Street, Blackburn, a resolution was passed to the effect that the company be wound up voluntarily. Mr. P. W. Bryan, 67, Lancaster Avenue, Fennell Street. Manchester, was appointed liquidator.

Many Storage Sets Ordered.

It is noticeable that users are increasingly tending towards the adoption of proper bulk-storage equipment for thenpetrol supplies. As an example of this inclination we, may quote the recent receipt of a twelfth repeat order for such an equipment from Carter, Paterson and Co., Ltd., by the Steel Barrel Co.. Ltd., of Uxbridge. This maker, we find on inquiry, has, at the present moment, 20 complete sets in hand for commercial-motor users in the Provinces and London.

Street Dust and Mud Collecting.

We hear of a motor-vehicle which will move at the average traffic speed, and will collect dust and mud from the streets as it is formed, Hitherto attempts to collect mud and dust in this way, by means of a motor-vehicle using pneumatic suckers, have been unsuccessful, owing to the choking of the nozzles, and to the difficulties of separating large quantities of dust from the air, and of creating sufficient vacuum. The new system will be. put to a practical test very shortly, when we hope to supply our readers with 'detailed particulars.

Burglars Steal Tires.

We are informed that burglars broke into the Midland Rubber Co.'s premises at 31-34, Eagle Street, Southampton Row, W.C., on the 30th ult. They took away with them two 900 mm.hy 120 mm. solid band tires, and the numbers of these were respectively 2767 and 2763. The latter was subsequently foundin an adjoining warehouse which had also been entered, but the other one is still missing. The Midland Rubber Co. requests that.. owners of commercial vehicles, as well as dealers in solid tires, should be on the look-out for a tire hearing the first-mentioned number, as well as the name of the company, or for a tire of the size mentioned from which the distinguishing marks have been removed.

Maudslays in Manchester.

Messrs. Leach and Seed, of Prince's Chambers, 16, John Dalton Street, Manchester, have been appointed the agents, in Manchester and district, for Maudslay commercial motors, and they now have a three-ton demonstration vehicle. available for trial purposes. Intending purchasers in the neighbourhood of Manchester will no doubt be glad to note this appointment, and to avail themselves— either now or in the near future—of Maudslay demonstration.

Running Other People's Businesses.

Dr. Addison, in the House of Commons, on the 19th ult., asked the Postmaster-General if he would endeavour to secure that the present horse-drivers in the employ of McNamara and Co., Ltd., could be given an opportunity to learn motor driving, and a preference in regard to new employment.

In a written reply, Mr. Samuel stated that a notice was being exhibited at the company's yard, in , viting the staff to qualify as motor drivers, and offering preference to those with technical tuition.

Recent Registrations.

E. A. Turner, Ltd., with an authorized capital of £1,000 in £1 shares, and with its office at Coombe Lane, Kingston-onThames, to carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in motor vehicles, etc. First directors : A. M. Johnson and L A. Turner.

J. E. Lawes, Ltd., with an authorized capital of £8,000 in Ri shares, by Jordan and Sons, Ltd., 116-7, Chancery Lane, to take over

the business of motorbus and cab proprietors carried on by J. E. Lawes at the Triangle, and the Garage, Birchett Road, Aldershot. First directors: J. E. Lawes and E. H. Lawes.

Onward Motor Co., Ltd., with an authorized capital of £1,500 in £.1 shares, by Clifford, Turner, and Hopton, 80, Finsbury Pavement, E.C., to carry on the business of manufacturers of all kinds of motorcars, omnibuses, etc.

Thornyoroft's New List.

We have received a copy of the latest catalogue which has been published by John I. Thornycroft and Co., Ltd. This is an enlarged edition on the lines of the previous publications emanating from this enternrizing maker. No fewer than 76 different types of complete vehicles are listed ; tabulated particulars in very concise form are included, as well as instances of the relative costs of horse and motor haulage.

Algeria and Agrimotors.

In order to extend the use of motor culture in Algeria, the governor general of that colony, in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, has decided to hold a series of demonstrations in the regions of Setif and Mitidja from 27th May to Ibth June, and to continue them the. following year in the Oran department. The event is not a competition, but merely an attempt to familiarize colonials with the application of the motor to agriculture, and also to obtain practical knowledge of the conditions of motor ploughing in Algeria. The Government will undertake to transport the motors and machinery out. and home at the lowest rates available. Entries will be received up to the 30th April next; they should be made to M. Stotz, director of the Agricultural School of .Maison Carree, Algeria.

How Paris Keeps its Streets Clean.

As the result of the practical test of street sweepers, combined sweepers, and water wagons, which has been in progress for two months, the city of Paris has placed orders with the makers Laffiy and Renault for 46 motor sweepers, and with de Dion-Bouton and Laffiy for nine water wagons. In the combined sweeper and water class, no machine was found entirely satisfactory, and no additional orders were therefore placed. The test machines were all bought outright, and they will remain in service in addition to the fleet just ordered.

Berna Tells You All About It.

A catalogue of its commercial and public-service vehicles is to hand from Berna Commercial Motors, Ltd. Succinct details are given in respect of all the Berna types, from the half-ton to the special vehicle constructed to deal with loads to 10 Ions divided between itself and a trailer. Clear line drawings and attractive photographs are well reproduced, whilst the text includes the necessary specifications in addition. The photographs are generally of a live and interesting character, with additional testimony provided in the shape of letters from satisfied users.

The catalogue concludes with a. convincing list of owners of Berna vehicles. Kirkcaldy Town Council has decided to have estimates prepared for the purchase of a new motor fire-engine.

The Water Engineer of the city .of Coventry is to prepare a specification for a motor fire-engine and a motor first-aid escape, and to invite tenders for the same from suitable manufactu recs.

Cirencester U.D.C. has been conferring with the Cirencester R.D.C., in regard to fire-brigade equipment, and it appears probable that joint arrangements will be made for the acquirement of a motor fire-engine.

The Watch Committee of the Eccles Town Council has adopted the report of the Fire Brigade Subcommittee, in which the latter body expresses its opinion that a motor fire-engine is necessary for the purposes of the brigade. Escape Topples Over.

On Tuesday of last week, in connection with a demonstration of the new motor fire-escape which has been purchased by the Dewsbury Corporation, and of which we wrote in our issue for the 28th March, an unusual mishap occurred. The engine had been taken to a position near the mill of Messrs. T. Chadwick and Sons, so that water might be pumped direct from the river. Inspector Clarke, the newly-appointed deputy superintendent of the Dewsbury Brigade, lost his foothold on the embankment when dropping the suction-pipe into the river, and he slipped into the water. " Then,' so says a local journal, " when the fire escape had been expanded to a length of 55 ft., it was given a trial in the feast ground, and commenced to sway almost as soon as the water began to emerge from the jet which had been fixed to the top of the escape. The great force of water passing through the hose, combined with the strength of the prevailing wind, resulted in the escape's spinning round and falling to the ground with a crash." It should be pointed out that in the case of an actual fire the escape would be reared against, a burning building ; it would not be operated in an unsupported position, such as that prevailing when the mishap occurred.

Power Plant for Manuals.

The Melbourne Corporation has ordered 16 12 h.p. direct-coupled pumping sets which are to replace the equipment. on a number of manual fire-engines at present In use. The pumps are to be of the Gwynne type, whilst the whole order is to be executed by the Aster Engineering Co., of Wembley.

Aberdeen's Halley.

Aberdeen has at last been gratified by the arrival of its six-cylinder Halley engine. There has been a delay of many weeks, since the machine was put through its first test at the Halley works, but through no fault of the makers of the engine. Firemaster Inkster has submitted the machine to exacting trials since its delivery, and we reproduce herewith two photographs of the engine. The inspection and tests were chiefly carried out on the 25th ult.

Excellent Oldham.

It appears that the Oldham Fire Brigade often has very serious difficulties with which to contend. These mainly arise in connection with the inconvenient situation of many of the mills in the neighbourhood. It is, in case of fire, often found by the Oldham Brigade that they cannot get water easily, largely on account of the fact that the engines cannot be brought within reasonable distance of the burning mills. At a recent serious fire at -Busk Mill, Chadderton, the Oldham Brigade acquitted itself so creditably that the chairman of the Watch Committee publicly congratulated the men on their work in this instance. Whilst this particular conflagration was being discussed in the Council, the acquisition of a motor fire-engine was suggested. It was stated that if a new motor engine were to be acquired, two of the out stations could be abolished. The matter has been put back for further consideration.

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