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11th April 1907, Page 23
11th April 1907
Page 23
Page 23, 11th April 1907 — Burrell.
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Charles Burrell and Sons, Ltd., Saint Nicholas Works, Thetford, Norfolk (Stand No. 17,5, Minor Hall).— The drum and fairleads permit of the trailer being hauled from any direction, and an extra water-tank which extends under the boiler shell has a capacity such that the ordinary limits of the machine's journeys may be considerably extended.

The screw-down brake acts directly on to the inside rims of the driving wheels, and, in addition to this brake, there is another one provided and acting on the flywheel of the engine; the grip thus obtained is very great, but it has the same objection which may be applied to

all brakes "\j, act through the medium of the gek..--aw.-, ; it is useless when the gears are in neutral position, and should, therefore, be applied very discreetly. The tractor is capable of hauling five tons along all ordinary roads.


Wm. Foster and Co., Ltd., Wellington Foundry, Firth Road, Lincoln

(Stand No. 187, Minor Hall).—A de parture from usual practice has been made by this company, in showing a skeleton boiler of which we reproduce a photo. The construction and workmanship may be inspected by the

visitor, and the staying is demonstrated much more clearly than mere external examination would -show. It was intended to show two tractors, but customers' pressure for delivery only permitted the one of the two to be sent to the show. These Wellington machines have found much favour with the British War Office authorities, who now have six of this type, and their success promises to establish their makers in a leading position. The large extra water tank, and the easy access to the foot-plate, are points worth noting, as well as the company's ingenious patented control of the feed-water supply to the boiler.

These machines have always been noted for their low fuel consumption, which is, to a great extent, due to the exhaust-steam feed-water heater, although the good proportions of the boiler undoubtedly have something to do with the results. The company is turning out this type steadily, and finds a good market for them.

In our issue of last week, we stated that the compound engine on this machine had cylinders 4 inches in diameter, and with a stroke of 62 inches, but this should have read : "The highpressure cylinder is 4 inches in diameter, and the low-pressure cylinder 61 inches in diameter, with a pistonstroke of g inches."


Robey and Co., Ltd., Globe Works, Lincoln (Stand No. 161, Minor Hall). —The tractor which this company is exhibiting is, in its general design, as outlined earlier. The boiler is con structed with a view to its easy cleaning, and for this purpose there are large mudholes with covers, one of which is provided in the barrel of the boiler, on the near side, and in such a position as to make the task of cleaning extremely easy; the last-mentioned hole is of extra size. An .exhaust muf fler and superheater is fitted in the smoke-box, and there is a large, extra water tank placed under the boiler, and extending partly up the sides of the barrel. This is one of the few tractors which are provided with reasonaute fairleads, for guiding the hauling cable, when pulling at an angle ; our sketch (page 151) will show what we mean by this, as the arrangement permits of the cable leaving the rollers at any angle, horizontally, and at considerable angles vertically, up or down.

" Little Giant"

Messrs. Tasker and Sons, Waterloo Iron Works, Andover, Hants (Stand No. t73, Minor Hall).--Our photograph from this firm's exhibit will give a good idea of the arrangement of boiler mountings, the gear casing, and the winding drum with its guide rollers. This make of tractor, which is better known as the " Little Giant," is fitted with a special form of spring mounting patented by Mr. George Hoare, and this is one of the most interesting features in the machine. Another point worth noting is the double-acting, screwoperated, friction brake. The drum is secured to the main axle, and the band is drawn tightly round the drum by a neat arrangement of levers, operated by a screwed spindle and trunnion nut. Messrs. Tasker are the pioneers of the small tractor, which now promises to enjoy increasing popularity, and they deserve to reap the full benefit of their foresight in this direction. They have recently rearranged their plans for manufacture, and intending buyers can rely upon prompt delivery.

Wallis and Steevens.

Wallis and Steevens, Limited, Basingstoke, Hants. (Stand No. 186, Minor Hall).—This company has followed out the lines of its road locomotives and road rollers, in designing the tractor which is shown on its stand. All the valve motions and gearing are fully enclosed, and provision is made for allowing the boiler plates free expansion, unrestricted in any way by the bed-plate of the engine. The steam-driven " Moore " pump for feeding the boiler is not, as is often the case, stowed away in some inaccessible position, but is mounted high up, and in full view of the driver, as will be distinctly seen on an examination. The extra water tank, which is fitted over the smoke-box, is also shown in this view. The rate of steam raising is controlled by a damper, fitted in the smoke-box and operated from the footplate. The action of this is extremely simple : it closes up the smoke-box ends of all the fire-tubes with the exception of four, of extra large diameter, through which the products of combustion are allowed to pass when the machine is standing idle or running very


Organisations: British War Office
People: George Hoare
Locations: Wellington, Lincoln

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