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11th April 1907, Page 21
11th April 1907
Page 21
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Page 21, 11th April 1907 — Robey.
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Robey and Co., Lta., Globe Works, Lincoln (Stand No. 168, Minor Hall).—This company is exhibiting a 5-ton steam wagon which has all the

by this company, not the least of which is the double-acting, simple, twocylinder engine : this has mushroom valves, operated by a camshaft. We described the type tally in our issue of the 7th March, when dealing with the Olympia Show, but we now give a side view of the engine, showing how the camshaft is driven by means of a diagonal shaft and bevel gearing, and also the pumps. This wagon differs from all others in

means of a Hans Renold 4-inch roller chain, to the live back axle. A positive, and instantaneous, differential lockingdevice is fitted to the off-side driving wheel (see sketch, page 152). The action of this is as follows :—When the knurled-headed pin is withdrawn, the pawl is forced down • on to the starpiece by means of a concealed spring. The pawl is carried on the arms of the off-side driving wheel, which is driven by the differential sleeve, and, when re

leased, it engages in one of the spaces on the star-piece ; this star-piece is made secure on the main axle.

The visitor cannot fail to be impressed by the generous proportions of this vehicle, which is quite the most interesting of the steam exhibits, and strikes us as being sound in design and construction. In addition to the wagon, the " Sentinel " Company also exhibits .a collection of component parts including : leading and driving axles, complete with wheels ; steering gear ; camshaft ; pedal steam regulator ; and numerous other parts.

The wagon on view is a repeat order from Mr. John Smart, Royal Deeside Carrier, Aberdeen, and is fitted with a fiat lorry platform. The Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co., Vulcan Works, Hunslet, Leeds (Stand No. 165, Minor Hall).—It may be argued that this company's exhibit should come under type )3, by reason of its single Hans Renold driving chain and horizontal boiler, but, as the arrangement of the last-named part is a distinctive feature of the Yorkshire wagon, and as the engine is a vertical one, it should be kept as a vehicle distinct from all other types. We have, recently, fully described this new 6-ton vehicle (see our issue of 7th February last): there is, consequently, no need to go into general details, but we would call our readers' attention to the special design of boiler, and its transverse position at the front of the vehicle. The accompanying illustration shows the vertical compound engine, with the screen hinged back in order to show the ease with which the glands may be " got at " for tightening. The Yorkshire Company's objects in adopting the vertical engine have been : (a) to avoid placing any machinery, other than the driving axle, under the loadcarrying platform; (b) to allow of easy access for all adjustments; (c) to obtain larger bearing surfaces than its former patterns allowed; and (d) to enable the engine ,to be lifted out, bodily, without disturbing any other part of the vehicle...,We are assured, however, that the necessity for the latter operation is not a very pressing one.

The success which has attended the

introduction of this type of engine has more than realised the hopes of its desig-ners. Such an engine has now been in constant work for 12 months, without any attention or adjustment to bigends, main bearings, or any other part. The wagon exhibited is a repeat order from Mr. Luke Winterburn, of Oldham.

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