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11th April 1907, Page 21
11th April 1907
Page 21
Page 21, 11th April 1907 — Mann.
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Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Co., Ltd., Pepper Road Works, Hunslet, Leeds (Stand No. 188, Minor Hall).—This company's exhibit is very interesting, on account of the ingenious body which is mounted thereon. This has been built to meet the requirements of The Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co., Ltd., near Aberdare. It consists of four separate compartments, each of which may be tipped to either side of the vehicle, and may be lifted by tackle, from the chassis, and lowered into the hold of a vessel for loading or unloading. The general appearance of this wagon is really neat and in every sense compact, whilst the position of any compartment, when tipped, is given in our sketch. !n their normal position on the vehicle, each compartment is locked by means of a stout pin engaging in an eye-bracket riveted to the bottom of the compartment.

The general details of this wagon are no thoroughly well-known to our readers, but we would direct attention to the method of locking the differential gear, which is not of the positive, but of the friction-band type as illustrated in our sketch above. transmission gear, including back axle, enclosed in the large sheet-metal casing which extends from the cylinders. The valve motion is also enclosed in this casing, the whole running in oil and being, therefore, well lubricated. The usual practice of combining the cylinders in one easing is not followed in this vehicle : it has separate cylinders, each of which is bolted direct to a main side-member of the frame.

The boiler is a most interesting one, and, with its neat, blued, steel lagging, presents a very clean and simple appearance. It is well arranged for control and has the usual high-class mountings of its type. There are six large mud-hole covers, through which the boiler may be thoroughly washed out, as it should be, once a fortnight, or, where possible, once a week.

The composite wheels are a special feature of this vehicle, and so is the large water tank which is fitted under the frame at the back.

The vehicle is interesting from many points of view, and no visitor to the show should miss the opportunity of examining this exhibit. Our references to the Robey tractor will be found elsewhere in this report.


Locations: Leeds

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