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Company mended its ways

10th October 1996
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Page 20, 10th October 1996 — Company mended its ways
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Keywords : Disaster / Accident

• Fe] ixstowe based Anglia Bulk Carriers escaped with a warning when it appeared at a Cambridge disciplinary inquiry before Eastern Deputy Traffic Commissioner Ian Fowler.

The Deputy Commissioner had been considering taking action against the company's licence, which authorises 20 vehicles and 20 trailers, because of concern over its maintenance standards. llowever. Fowler said that he was confident that the company had now "grasped the nettle".

Vehicle examiner Mark Elson detailed prohibition notices imposed on the company's vehicles and trailers, pointing out that it had previously been sent a warning letter about the need to improve its maintenance standards.

Director Linda Orr told the Deputy Commissioner she had now taken personal control of the maintenance of the company's fleet. She detailed the steps taken to rectify the situation, including reducing the period between inspections for trailers to six weeks, changing the maintenance contractor and improving the driver defect reporting system.

Fowler said that it was all about safety. He had to ensure that operators who ran heavy goods vehicles did so with the highest regard to road safety, whatever the pressures of their business. He felt that insufficient action had been taken following the warning letter. He had thought about taking action because of the delay in getting the situation under control.

However, said Fowler, he had been impressed by Orr and in view of the commitment now being shown he felt that he could confine himself to issuing a formal warning.


Locations: Cambridge

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