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Don't take advantage

10th October 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 10th October 1981 — Don't take advantage
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THE TIME has come for oil companies to make clear why they nee to apply such regular increases in dery prices, Freight Transpa Association deputy director-general Garry Turvey warned th week.

Speaking in Hull, he said it would be indefensible if the oil companies were to take advantage of the fact that heavy goods vehicle operators had already trimmed their operations down to the bone.

"Industry is entitled to full explanations of the oil companies' actions and to assurances that the oil industry is prepared to take a broad view, paying full regard to the impact of its actions on industry's costs and competitiveness," he said.

Mr Turvey said that three "quick fire increases" in dery costs have already eroded the 10p tax reduction allowed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer after the last Budget, and

pointed out that British indus1 is faced with a £500m a year t for derv, which is over 25 r cent greater than for any of West European competitors.

He said that operators, as f low business men, accepted tF there is a need to maintain m gins and profits in order to cc tam n costs, but said that they ready had looked carefully their route planning and serv schedules in order to cut costs, especially fuel.

"What could be done, F been done, and fuel consun tion is now no longer flexik But it would be indefensibk the fuel companies traded this advantage," he warned.


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