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Turning the Heat On Again

10th March 1950, Page 37
10th March 1950
Page 37
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Page 37, 10th March 1950 — Turning the Heat On Again
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MOW that the General Election is I `11 over, the Passenger Vehicle Operators' Association has decided to continue its campaign against nationaliza,ion with renewed vigour. In a statement to members the P.V.O.A. states that a nominal majority had returned the Government to power and that the country had made it clear that it was opposed to the theories of Socialism %sift) regard to nationalization.

The fight against the area schemes would continue, to ensure that an even greater number of members of the public would oppose the nationalization of passenger transport. Whatever policy the Government might adopt towards nationalization during the present period of precarious power, there was an urgent need to continue the campaign to pave the way to a more decisive victory at the next election.

Convened to consider the proposals for an eastern area scheme, the North Herts joint transport conference has met with opposition within its ranks. At a meeting on January 17, the conference decided that local bus services were on the whole adequate, and did not need nationalization scheme to improve them.

Letchworth Council is, however, to

inform the county council that it disagrees with the findings of the conference. This disagreement appears to relate only to the question of adequacy of services.


I DUSTRIAL trucks and track-laying tractors May now, be imported without individual licences from abroad, according to a new Board of Trade statement. As this tateinent, however, does not apply to imports from a number of countries, including the U.S.A., its interest appears to be purely bureaucratic.

FUND'S MEMBERSHIP UP AEMBERSHIP of the Motor and AV' Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund rose by 30 in 1949, despite a decline from a record figure in June. Applications for relief were 39 more than in 1948, 370 persons being assisted. The capital of the general fund has increased to £291,000,

42 m.p.h. when 34-in. by 7-in. tyres are fitted.

Attached to the rear of the gearbox and driven from the output shaft through bevel gearing is the Lockheed continuous-flow hydraulic pump for brake operation.

For this class of chassis, the frame is exceptional in depth and section, and in the sturdiness of the supporting members. Tubular crossmembers brace the side rails at the rear-axle spring hangers, and the remaining members are of pressedsteel channel section of a depth to fit snugly in the longitudinals.

The steel-covered coachbuilt cab preserves the Atkinson high standard of interior finish. The engine covers are a close fit round the power unit, and there is comfortable seating and leg room for the quate for an emergency stop. The chassis came to a halt so rapidly that the 1i-ton weights were dislodged. Later I found that the leading edges of the brake facings were not completely bedded down.

After turning at the bottom of the

hill and recording the water temperature, I started the ageent in second gear. As the engine was pulling at governed revolutions on part throttle I engaged third gear, but this ratio was too high for the torque available.

When the gradient eased at the first bend, third gear was again used and held until meeting the 1-in-8 and 1-in-5 sections, where a rapid change to low gear was necessary. The Atkinson was well geared for such an occasion, and the remainder of the climb was accomplished in the lowest ratio.

After five minutes' steady climbing in first and second gears, the water temperature rose by 16 degrees to 134 degrees F. This indicates an ample margin for summer operation or service in warmer areas. A


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