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A Weli-designed Drilling Machine

10th March 1944, Page 23
10th March 1944
Page 23
Page 23, 10th March 1944 — A Weli-designed Drilling Machine
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A Piece of Modern Equipment Which Can be Adapted for Several Purpose-s Other than Drilling mo workshop of any sat can be conNsidered complete without a really serviceable drilling machine. A fine piece„ of equipment of this nature is being handled by Kerry's (Gt. Britain), Ltd., Warton Road, Stratford, London, E.15. Known as the. Pacera, it is of i-in. capacity and, in conformity with present-day practice, the

motor; which is a h.p. three-phase

unit, is mounted in one with the machine at the rear of the pillar. A five-step pulley provides for speeds of 500, 900, 1,440, 2,300 and 4,000 r.p.m., the transmission being by V • belt which is automatically tensioned by the weight of the motor after each change of. speed. For drilling to specified depths there is a scale fitted with stops, and there is a locking device whereby the spindle can be secured against up-and-down movement, so that the machine can be used as a vertical miller, for light routing, rotary filing and other similar operations.

The drilling table, Which measures 11 ins. by 1.0 ins., has slots incorporated • in it, one side is also machined and slotted to enable the table to be used as -an angle plate. The table can be turned on its axis and secured in any position up to 90 degrees froth the hartzontal. The base casting, which measures 13 ins. by If ins., is provided with slots, so that work of a large nature may be securely bolted down to it. The distance from the column to the centre of the drill spindle is 7i ins., and the height of the column 5 ft. A stroke of 41 ins, is provided for the drill spindle. Vertical movement of the quill is effected by a rack and pinion, its automatic return being ensured by a coil spring. Starting and stopping are carried out by a push-button control, which is positioned in the head for convenient operation by the left hand.


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