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One Hears—

10th March 1944, Page 17
10th March 1944
Page 17
Page 17, 10th March 1944 — One Hears—
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

That the " cabbies " are having a tipping time.

Of grouses concerning clothing coupons and uniforms. That the habitual fare jumpers do not appreciate the quick feminine eye.

Of the broad view that it is confidently expected will come within the Perry scope.

That the forecast of a decrease in no-load running must not be only an empty promise.

The facetious suggestion that if we were to start an A(ssociation) of E(ngineering) I(nstitutes) and 0(ther) U(nits) we'd force even the vowels into united action.,

That one can do almost anything with felt.

That our oil-filtering experts can beat all others for efficiency.

That many people wish they could be equipped with shock absorbers. .

That some find the alcohol type becoming less effective.

That " take it " rather than " leave it " is the maxim of the small haulier.

That in the U.S.A. " CAB" indicates Civil Aeronautics Board—in Britain it usually means a long hunt and some cajolery.

That " blue print " should not be confused with " blue pencil."

Of drivers checking up on the Tecalemit "full-blown blondes.–

Of many school-children who wear rings and even bangles of aeroplane " glass."

That the National Road Transport Federation will provide a pathway from

apathy. •

That it is unwise to assume that G6ebbels is Germany's only secretweapon factory.

That, for the good of the country, road transport should be mothered instead of smothered.

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