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How many standing pas sengers are allowed on a public

10th June 1977, Page 47
10th June 1977
Page 47
Page 47, 10th June 1977 — How many standing pas sengers are allowed on a public
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service vehicle and does this have to be marked on the side of the vehicle?

AThe carriage of standing passengers on psv is provided for in the Public Service Vehicles and Trolley Vehicles (Carrying Capacity) Regulations 1954.

Regulation 4 allows standing passengers to be carried equal to one third of the seating capacity of a single deck vehicle or the seating capacity of the lower deck of a double decker when either is being used as a stage carriage up to a maximum of eight standing passengers.

Regulation 5 allows the Traffic Commissioners to authorise such number of standing passengers as they might think fit within their traffic area on express carriages to the same standard as laid down in Regulation 4 again up to eight standing passengers.

Regulation 6 allows the Traffic Commissioners to authorise within their traffic area, any single deck vehicle (other than a psv being used as an express or contratt carriage) being a vehicle specially constructed or adapted for the purpose, the number of standing passengers for which the vehicle has been_certified as fit to carry.


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