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Rikki Chequer, community manager of TruckNet UK, reports on some of the latest topics to be discussed by professional drivers...

10th January 2008
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Page 22, 10th January 2008 — Rikki Chequer, community manager of TruckNet UK, reports on some of the latest topics to be discussed by professional drivers...
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Over the holiday period on TruckNet UK a huge variety of subjects were debated, people and places were remembered and good and bad times were recounted.

On the subject of strikes, one driver tells the story of his first European trip during the drivers' strike in the 1970s. It seems he was sent abroad to avoid becoming embroiled in the strike but had no idea of where he was or where he was going.

The discussion then progresses to the benefits, or otherwise, of drivers striking in particular the French way of taking industrial action. Most drivers seem to agree that tales of the French drivers bringing their government to its knees are an urban myth; others are convinced that the strikes were an unparalleled success.

More and more potential owner-drivers are using the forums to research whether investing in a unit is a wise decision. Some members of TruckNet UK are extremely forthright in their view that anyone setting up on their own is making a massive mistake. But some owner-drivers who have found a niche argue that with the proper research a decent living can be made. It is certainly an area of discussion that raises strong opinions on both sides.

lveco's Stralis may have been the drivers' choice for the best cab of 2007, but many owners are still using the forums to point out that they often suffer from electrical and computer problems. However, other Stral is users point out that an expensive repair or diagnostic is not normally needed as a simple software upgrade often cures the troubles. They say dealers seem to go the long way round so it could be wise to suggest the upgrade before agreeing to shell out for more expensive treatment.

Finally, in the tradition of drivers always being late, the TruckNet UK Christmas party is being held at Longford House Hotel in Cannock on 2 February. All are welcome for an evening of fun and laughter. and a charity auction will be held as usual, with items donated by many manufacturers.

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