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8th December 1984, Page 67
8th December 1984
Page 67
Page 67, 8th December 1984

Penny-pinching On Prison Vans

MORE money should be spent on special secure prison vane, says the Prison Officers' Association. This might prevent escapes by dangerous criminals In transit. It might also......

A Drain On Our Resources . .

ALMOST everyone except piggy-bankers has called for substantial spending on crumbling roads and sewers and other vital works, The Government, its cloth ears securely buttoned......

Warranties On Roads And Bridges?

LEGISLATION on the quality of goods and on warranties has been tightened to protect the consumer, but those responsible for roads and bridges that crack up prematurly get away......

Sir Michael Keeps Them On The Run

IF BRITISH managers are as effete as Sir Michael Edwardes, Dunlop's new head, says they are, it is just as well that only about a third of the 150 or so new MPs elected at the......

'shock Troops To Finish Off Unions'

"PATRIOTIC" hauliers are "to be enlisted in the Thatcherite campaign for final victory over organised labour in Britain," says a correspondent to The Guardian, who signs himself......