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7th December 1989, Page 45
7th December 1989
Page 45
Page 45, 7th December 1989

Don't Stop

CI In February I purchased a secondhand 3k tonne tractor unit from a dealer. It had low mileage on it and before I made th decision I spoke with the previous owner who said i......

Irtford Image

Early this year I was E unfortunate enough to nage some cars on the deck of my transporter lie negotiating the Dart1 Tunnel. Iy height at the time 4.9m (16ft 2in). I lerstood......

Tester's Choice Inquiry

Q We attended a Public Inquiry recently because we had incurred a number of GV9s and defect notices over a short period. The Licensing Authority was examining us for our ability......

Tachostats Ownership

Q I recently left one company which I had only been driving for for two weeks. I was starting work with another company immediately. I asked for my tachos back for the previous......

Live Wires

Q You recently published the answer to the query on the heights of telephone lines but could you please tell us of the regulations applying to overhead power cables. We hit a......