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6th November 1964, Page 46
6th November 1964
Page 46
Page 46, 6th November 1964

Long—life Leyland

A NEW version of the 6.5-litre 0,400 1 - "L Power-Plus engine designed to give longer life has been announced by Leyland Motors Ltd. The engine will retain the same name but is......

More Profitable Victory

THE Southampton haulage and storage concern, Victory Transport Ltd., made a gross profit before tax of £50,293 in the year ended June 30, 1964, compared with £36,603 in the......

Plating Rouses Rates Plea

BY S. BUCKLEY R ATE adjustments to compensate for the consequences of vehicle plating are being suggested by some operators, according to an authoritative source. It is claimed......

' The B's Have No Real Defence Against The Mirtes' I

RRESPECTIVE of the outcome of the efforts towards achieving a Royal Charter, the institute of Road Transport Engineers is getting on with its training and examination schemes,......

&rs. Salute Their Former Chairman

ir - ILD friendships were renewed and memories revived at a gathering last 'i' week of 100 British Road Services officers Who served under Maj.-Gen. G. N. Russell when he was......