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4th January 1990, Page 16
4th January 1990
Page 16
Page 16, 4th January 1990

Quota Hits Taro Imports

• Volkswagen's attack on the one-tonne pickup market with its Taro, a badged version of the Toyota Hilux, will after all be hit by the voluntary import quotas applied to......

Multi Deal

• Ford and Volkswagen are investigating the feasibility of collaborating to develop a multi-purpose vehicle along the lines of the Renault Espace.......

Citroen Record

• Overall sales at Citroen are expected to rise to 27.13 billion this year; setting an all-time record for the company. Commercial vehicle sales currently account for around 20%......

Leyland Daf Lists Choice Of Bodies

• Leyland Daf vans has produced a new SVO brochure illustrating the many body styles and options available on its 200 and 400 Series vans; tc get one, contact your dealer o......

Epic Pumps From Lucas

• Electronically-controlled diesel pumps should be available in light commercials within the next five years. This is predicted by Lucas Diesel Systems, whose EPIC rotary diesel......