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26th February 1983, Page 26
26th February 1983
Page 26
Page 26, 26th February 1983

Warrior's Memorial For War On Thugs

IT IS A crushing indictment of post-war society that a memorial to the man who led the war against the rule of Fascist thugs should now have to be used to try to defeat the......

Why Didn't He Sign His Name?

WHY, OH WHY did I ask "Successful Transport Business Man" (January 29) to supply his name and address for the 1,000word anonymous letter that he sent? He has responded with one......

50 Years Of It In Music

HAVING DIRECTLY or indirectly influenced at least two noted composers, London Transport is to celebrate its golden jubilee musically at the Royal Festival Hall on March 17. Its......

How Can They Be So Stupid?

SOMEONE suggested on radio — and I agree — that nobody who does not know how to use the apostrophe should be allowed to vote. I would go further and suggest that all would-be......

Pupils Fly The Flag For Safety

CHILDREN at Staplehurst Primary School in Kent are showing their betters a thing i two about road safety. One of the pupils designed a "safety flag" which now flies over the......