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22nd March 1980, Page 50
22nd March 1980
Page 50
Page 50, 22nd March 1980

Birds Eye

A walk on the wild side A MALIGN FATE decreed that on the day London Transport gave free travel passes to successful entrants in a poster competition for children, many of the......

Farmer's Hotpot

• • wins a prize HOW DOES farmer's sausagemeat hotpot tickle your palate? It consists of sausage meat, apple, bacon, onion, celery and ;tomato covered with cheese and topped......

The Army Driven To Distraction

MY HEART went out to the officer in charge when I read that three Army learner-drivers in a convoy of seven had crashed their armoured personnel carriers with disastrous......

The Moment Of Truth

ON ANOTHER OCCASION I conducting an oral examinat c in simple mechanics. Whal, asked a gunner, was drawn in the combustion chamber fro the carburetter? A look of tortured concen......

Why Do You Buy Foreign?

PROFESSOR Martyn Corte Hayes, head of the centre f transport studies at Cranf Institute of Technology, been awarded a grant of £ to investigate why Briton increasingly turning......