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22nd July 1960, Page 57
22nd July 1960
Page 57
Page 57, 22nd July 1960

Hiring Ban May Create Surplus Of Vehicles

I F Licensing Authorities become too ready to accept evidence that customers will not allow sub-contracting as a ground for the grant of additional vehicles, the licensing of......

No Check To Contract Conversions

T HERE seems to be little check to the ever-open back door to additional public-A licences provided by contract vehicles. At Blackburn, last week, Mr. A. H. Jolliffe, North......

More Side Entrances Into Haulage

C ONFUSING decisions of the Transport Tribunal have been responsible for the growth of a number of side entrances into haulage. The action of Mr. D. I. R. Muir, Metropolitan *......

Smoke Signals

O NE Scottish haulage concern, Sam Anderson (Newhouse) Ltd., is in the happy position of not having to bother with the problem of return loads and low rates. So heavy is the......

Change Of Method To Double Capacity

A N interesting point regarding the use of vehicles was raised by the British Transport Commission when objecting, at Edinburgh, to an application by Russell of Bathgate, Ltd.......